From trying to drive an EV higher than ever, to BMW signing a battery deal with CATL from 2025, to the many Lucid and Tesla news, here’s a roundup of stories about EVs you might have missed.

The LG Energy Solution battery powers the successful GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® trial of the highest altitude reached in an electric vehicle. Image courtesy of Challenge4 GmbH/Daily blogs about the VW ID.4 High Altitude.

LG Energy Solution battery powers successful GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® trial of highest altitude reached in an electric vehicle

LG Energy Solution (LGES; KRX: 373220) has become a part of history [last week]How Rainer Zettlough, a world record driver, set another world record with an electric car powered by LGES batteries. Zietlow and Challenge 4 Newly appointed team Guinness World Records® Address to the highest altitude reached by electric cars by driving the dormant Otoronko volcano BoliviaIts height reaches 5816 meters.

The vehicle chosen by the team, the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, is powered by LGES battery cells and modules, using high energy density for long-distance driving, high-speed charging and even high-altitude driving.

Zietlow’s team broke the previous record May 18It was decorated with the official Guinness World Records® Testimony to La Paz, Bolivia on me 23. May. Previously, in 2021, Zietlow won the title for the longest continuous drive in an electric vehicle in a single country across the USA with a VW ID.4.”

clear messages

Nicolas Minbiole replaces Peter Hochholdinger to oversee Lucid’s manufacturing quality

interested in trade Sources familiar with the changes stated, “Lucid Motors is changing the roles of two senior executives as the company pushes to address persistent quality issues that have hampered production. from the inside“.

“Peter Hochholdinger, Lucid Vice President of Manufacturing and longtime veteran Audi expert and former Vice President of Production at Tesla, no longer oversees manufacturing quality. Vice President of Global Quality Nicholas Minbeul will now oversee quality across manufacturing, suppliers and packaging to address ongoing supply and production issues,” he said. Three sources are directly familiar with it.”

Lucid Motors recalls cockpit glass dashboards for 1,117 Lucid Air electric vehicles

Lucid Motors has emailed some customers who have already received their Lucid Air electric vehicles for a new recall. This is for a glass cockpit harness for the Ethernet dashboard. Lucid Motors said this set of wires may not have been secured properly. This appears to be affecting on both the Dream Edition and Grand Touring models, but it’s hard to say how many are actually affected. The NHTSA website says the likely number of units affected is 1,117.”

From the Lucid owners forum:

Tesla2.0 said, “I’m at a Houston service center to troubleshoot the charging cable and show them the recall notice. They tell me it only affects certain production batches, but not my batch. So am I lucky? In the meantime, I’m enjoying the lounge “.

Tesla news

Tesla introduces better driving graphs, power predictions, and driver profiles in Software Update 2022.16.0.2

New Leadership Perceptions: Tesla has synced the driving perceptions of both FSD Beta and non-FSD Beta car owners, as we discussed above. In the new driving perceptions, the appearance of bikes and motorcycles has been improved and become particularly interesting, as some Tesla owners have identified in their tweets.” Tesla Oracle Says.

electric car charging

Charging Electric Vehicles in America: Put the chargers where people shop, eat, bank, and more

“Electric vehicle charging company Electrify America is taking this head on by working with companies like Westfield Shopping Centers to put ultra-fast electric charging stations at multiple locations where people shop, eat, bank, and more.”

Bank of America plans to double Electrify America ultra-fast charging stations in financial centers

Bank of America and Electrify America today announced plans to more than double the number of financial centers equipped with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by the end of 2023.

“By the beginning of this year, Electrify America has installed 172 individual chargers for electric vehicles in 46 financial centers — the total number of companies aims to grow to more than 350 chargers in more than 90 financial centers by the end of 2023.”

More than 90 financial centers will provide electric vehicle (EV) charging service by the end of 2023.

Lloyd’s Register and its partners present the Silk Alliance Green Corridor project

Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub and its partners establish the “Silk Alliance” to develop the Green Corridor suite, starting with container trade within Asia.

“Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub is working with 11 key supply chain stakeholders to develop a fleet refueling strategy that could enable the deployment of the highly scalable Green Corridor Cluster.

“The Silk Alliance was started by Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub, and brings together a diverse group of organizations whose cooperation can lead to the decarbonization of the maritime industry. This includes ship owners such as MSC Shipmanagement Ltd., Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd (PIL), and Wan Hai Lines, X-Press Feeders, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. shipyard, Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd (Keppel O&M); bunker fuel supplier, Singfar International; engine manufacturer, Wärtsilä; ship manager, Wilhelmsen Ship Management; and institutions Finance, the Asian Development Bank and ING.”

Electric vehicle manufacturing news

CATL wants to supply BMW with a cylinder block from 2025

Chinese battery giant CATL announced Friday that it will start supplying BMW with cylindrical cells from 2025 to power its new electric car series. Cattell said the battery manufacturer has signed an agreement with BMW nominating it as a supplier of cylindrical cells to the German auto industry, without elaborating.

The BMW Group opens a new automated steel stamping shop at the Swindon plant

The building has several environmental features, including extracting water from the roof to provide water for all non-potable water supplies. There is also a system that uses heat from hydraulic pressure to heat the main hall. Combined with smaller details such as LED lighting and tall glass skylights that run through the center of the building, this has a significant impact, creating a bright work environment, reducing reliance on artificial light, and contributing significantly to achieving energy conservation and sustainability goals. “

New research sheds light on the dynamics of aluminum mass reduction in battery electric vehicles

Among the three vehicle segments examined, the analysis found that vehicle costs decrease as the aluminum content increases initially. New research by the Aluminum Association confirms that aluminum will continue to play a key role in the electric age as an economically attractive weight-reducing tool that improves the performance and efficiency of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The study, conducted by Auburn Hills-based North American firm FEV, concludes that aluminum offers automakers significant cost savings as zero net priorities drive vehicle development, particularly in high-volume programs. “


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