2022 – Half-time travelers face issues with flight cancellations and road delays expected | Travel and Leisure

Travelers hoping for a mid-term vacation are still hit by canceled flights and overbooked flights.

Passengers stranded at Gatwick Airport have expressed their outrage after easyJet canceled more than 200 flights from the airport at short notice during one of the busiest travel times of the year. Tui has also canceled a number of flights, and Spanish low-cost airline Vueling has been inundated with complaints from passengers who have drowned on overcrowded flights.

The airport and airlines seem to blame each other for the cancellation.

Mark McKinnon, a London correspondent for Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper, was among dozens of passengers who complained to Vueling after they were denied boarding.

“We were kicked out of VY7833 and we are now sitting in Gatwick waiting for someone to tell us how to get to Barcelona today,” he said.

He told the Guardian. “People are being pushed aside everywhere. You have Ukraine covered – so it’s not a slouch case – but the chaos at Gatwick is staggering and the sale of 27 extra seats on a mid-break flight to Barcelona sounds like a scam.”

Stranded passenger Amanda Ferguson said Monday morning’s sightings at the airport were “crazy” after her and her boyfriend’s flight to Belfast on Sunday was cancelled.

The couple, who traveled to London on Friday for Abba’s party, had to return home via Glasgow.

“We were supposed to be at the airport for the 7 o’clock flight yesterday. When we tried to scan our boarding passes, we were told the flight had been cancelled,” said Ferguson, a Belfast-based TV presenter.

Speaking to The Guardian, she said: “The girl at the check-in counter was obviously too exhausted to have people bothering her all day. Another exhausted employee handed over a two-page document on what to do next.”

Ferguson and her partner were initially offered a hotel room in Southend, 90 minutes away. She said they didn’t get a room near the airport until they got to the airline by phone after an hour-long wait.

Speaking from Glasgow Airport after a 5am flight on Monday, Ferguson described the experience as a “test”.

She added, “Some people were really upset at the airport and you could see the faces of the poor staff. It wasn’t her fault. My patience is running out a bit. I just want to go home and go to bed.”

At least 32 Gatwick flights were canceled on Monday, including two with just an hour’s notice.

Chris Turner, drummer for heavy metal group Orange Goblin, is stranded in Germany after two EasyJet flights to Gatwick were cancelled.

He traveled to Hamburg after his flight from Berlin was cancelled, but when he arrived in Hamburg, that flight was also halted. He tweeted to the airline: ‘They canceled my flight home from Berlin to Gatwick less than 24 hours ago. Switched to a flight from Hamburg today, so the two hour train ride here was told this was also canceled with less than 6 hours’ notice I’m stuck here, what are you going to do?”

He added on Monday: “Today’s flight doesn’t look likely either, wondering if they’re going to do something this time or are they going to let us down?”

Alan Black, from Havant, Hampshire, was stranded at Gatwick Airport Monday morning after his easyJet flight was canceled from a family wedding in Seville.

He tweeted that EasyJet employees were too Lack of baggage staff at Gatwick is the reason for the cancellationHe said the company treats passengers “Very bad”.

Camille, a student from Caen in northern France, is trying to get compensation after her easyJet flight was canceled on Sunday night. She tweeted that no reason was given for the cancellation and that the airline was Blame Gatwick for the problem.

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He told her Gatwick Airport Airlines make the decision about canceling flights, not the airport. You should go back to your airline.”

The EasyJet Twitter feed pointed to dozens of them Gatwick passengers stranded on the Disrupt Help Hub website.

A spokesperson for the airline said: “We have made the decision to cancel approximately 24 daily Gatwick flights in advance between May 28 and June 6.

“We deeply regret the delay in notifying some of these cancellations and the inconvenience caused to customers who booked these flights, but we believe this is necessary to provide reliable services at this busy time.

They added, “They broke up last night [Sunday] At Gatwick, like other airlines operating at Gatwick, our flight program has been affected by the air traffic control restrictions in place at the airport. The prior cancellation that happened at Gatwick today has nothing to do with this.

Marc Plowright, a stranded TUI ticket holder, tweeted that he feels it “let down” By the cruise company after being stuck in Gatwick all day on Sunday. Toei apologized for the disruption, which it attributed to “various operational reasons and a very busy weekend flight”.

“We would like to apologize to some of our customers who have experienced flight delays over the past few days,” Toei said in a statement. “Unfortunately, while flight delays and cancellations are rare for us, the sudden increase in the number of leisure travelers along with many From operational and supply chain issues, a small number of our flights were affected.

A spokesman for Gatwick Airport said: “We saw some security queues this morning but they were quickly resolved.” He referred questions about cancellation to easyJet.