2022 – Harry Styles: One Night Only Review – A Model for a Modern Pop Star | Harry Stiles

IIt’s not wise to drop too much on one song. But when cultural historians come to define the music’s post-pandemic moment, the soundtrack to the montage will inevitably be recorded for Channel 4’s dedicated As It Was, Harry Styles’ #1 song. Currently in its seventh week on top, As It Can reflects on Style’s love life and learns how attitudes are changing.

But the song’s success is due in large part to the way Styles succinctly bridge the gap between past and present. “You know it’s not the way it is!” Styles sings, joined by 5,000 very partisan spectators at this small show – for Styles – London, just days after the release of his third solo album. Harry’s house. Describing the party as “one night only” is not entirely correct. He performed in New York last week and will be touring the UK soon.

But the occasion is undeniable when he plays Styles Harry’s house From tip to tip, as well as popping up the greatest hits; It’s a night that gets better as the styles get more talkative. Pauses songs to ensure fans get medical care. He apologizes to his mother for the phrase “Cocaine, side-boob” in one of the most fanciful dreams on the album. Keep driving. He gets serious when he advises that no matter how lonely or anxious you feel, “there’s always a song about oral sex you can sing along to!” This is a lively watermelon song of 2019 A fine lineWhich confirmed that Style’s solo career wasn’t a one-album deal and that he listened to Arctic Monkeys.

The styles are now more contemporary. Not all stars are extroverted, but Styles is definitely a social person. One of the vignettes in As It Was shows him sweeping up inside the house. “Harry, you’re not good on your own,” one advises over the phone, “why are you sitting on the floor at home?” His romantic ordeal is clear and understandable. But expanded on, the songs benefit from a broader sense of PTSD’s closed offness. At the time of writing, it appears that two more tracks from As It Was . will be added Harry’s houseSoft applause for a sushi restaurant and a funk-lite for Late-Night-Redenin’s next third. The album is also heading to #1, the fastest selling year of 2022 to date.

Ed Sheeran may fill most UK stadiums a few times in the coming weeks, but Styles is the man of the hour, dancing around the stage as if no one is looking but not making moves like Mick Jagger (Source: Mick Jagger); In a charming attack he is routinely praised for moving the dial in couture with his gender-neutral outfits and in public discourse with his female allies and LGBTQ+ flag-waving. (Today’s outfit: a black and white skinny shirt with cream baggy pants.)

Since embarking on a solo career after One Direction, Styles’ audience has only broadened and deepened; People love the basketball star Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antikonmo Recently announced as fans. On the morning of that party, Styles covered a Wet League postcard to Radio 1’s Live Lounge hit Wet Dream and recorded a bedtime story from CBeebies dressed in satin pajamas. Unlike his more straightforward predecessor, Robbie Williams, Styles’s ambitious spirit comes with a bit of Williams’ saucer-eyed alpha masculinity.

Styles waves the Ukrainian flag on stage at Brixton Academy.

There is also humor in the release of this album: Revealing the first interview of Harry’s house went to The best homes and gardens magazine. These songs often take place in beautiful kitchens while playing yacht rock and sync funk. But it’s basically about being at home with yourself, whatever that means to the listener. Tonight, Mathilde is a great song for someone who has been misunderstood by their family and shouldn’t feel guilty about being what they are.

So Styles is a pop star right now: Three out of five of his kettle suit band are women, and he’s waving not only a rainbow flag, but a Ukrainian flag as well. (There’s also Union Jack, which you assume just refers to being “so happy to be home.”)

But all his advanced thinking is largely offset by real and somewhat tried-and-true scaffolding. The fondness for style for the old album format is hardly the stuff of Spotify and TikTok algorithms. And for all the explicit references to cocaine Harry’s houseA good portion of his old bandit contract was still etched into his soul. Kino found him making his partner “pop”, which is sketches like chez Styles, 28.

At one point, he read a sign written by a fan that his friend Luke was sleeping with (the sign uses a different word) her best friend. He urges the audience to shout whatever they want to say to Luke. “Damn you, Luke!” Everyone screams. Styles’ reaction is one that is intimidating, as if he’s calculating the fit in his head, juggling his growing 1D audience with new recruits. “This is a family show!” Harnesses.