2022 – Herschel Walker says he ‘never denied’ having one of his sons after revealing that he has four children

US Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks to his supporters on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 during an election night ceremony in Atlanta. Walker won the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in the Georgia primary.

  • US Senate candidate Herschel Walker said he “never disavowed any of his sons”.
  • Walker, who once called himself the father of an only child, has admitted that he has three secret children.
  • Walker derided orphanages as a “big, big problem” in the black community.

Herschel Walker, Georgia’s Republican candidate for US Senate, said he “never denied” the existence of his four children ÔÇö he hasn’t spoken about three of them publicly until recently.

Walker, who will face Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock in November, told the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference on Saturday that his children “know the truth.” News agency.

ÔÇťWell, first of all, they knew the truth. You know, I’ve never disowned any of my kids, and I love them more than anything,ÔÇŁ Walker said, per the Associated Press. ÔÇťAnd they did nothing to make me want to fight harder because I am tired of misleading the American people. I am tired of misleading my family.ÔÇŁ

His comments come on the heels of The Daily Beast’s report that Walker – who has previously said he is an only father and has complained about the families of the orphan – had a 10-year-old son whose father was out of wedlock. The Daily Beast reported that the former NFL player later admitted that he also has a 13-year-old son and a 20-year-old daughter with two other women.

Even before his campaign, Walker presented himself as a community-oriented family man. In a 2020 interview with The Charlie Kirk Show, Walker said that “a fatherless home is a big, big problem” in the black community. He added that he was “like a father” to members of his community in Wrightsville, Georgia.

ÔÇťI have provided services to a lot of people in my hometown,ÔÇŁ Walker said. “I was like a father to some of these kids who might not have had fathers.”

In a 2020 interview with YouTube hosts Diamond and Silk, Walker said that if a man “had a child with a woman, even if you had to leave that woman… you wouldn’t leave the child.”

However, in 2013, Walker was required to prove paternity and pay financial support for his estranged child, Insider previously reported. According to the petition, Walker and the unnamed mother of his child were in an affair between 2008 and 2011, and they separated eight months before the child was born.

Commenting on The Daily Beast on the matter, Walker campaign manager Scott Paradise said Walker “has supported the child and has continued to do so. He is proud of his children.” The Beast reported that Walker was sending gifts for his son’s second birthday, but other than that he was not involved in their upbringing, and that the child had no contact with his half-brother Christian.

Walker’s 22-year-old son Christian – with whom Walker appears in public regularly – has shared similar complaints about paternally orphaned families on his social media.

“Fathers, it would be nicer to stay home and raise your kids than to run away to fuck some woman who wasn’t your mother. Stay home and raise your damn kids! Your kids need a dad! Go home!” Christian Walker said on TikTok.

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