2022 – Hot fraud Santander prevented me from getting a mortgage | scam

I noticed it in December last year On my credit file That Santander account appears to have been opened in my name by someone else.

I called Santander for an alert This and He Said would achieve. Then in February of this year I saw that £15,000 had been borrowed in my name. Once again I alerted Santander and again He Said would achieve.

When I received a mortgage offer in principle in March of this year, I was told that the loan was By default so I won’t be able to get one.

I called Santander again and was told about it It was still under investigation. I complained about the length of the process and received a letter apologizing for the poor service and offered compensation of £100 which I did not accept. I also promised to review my case promptly.

I haven’t yet received another update from Santander and the arrears are still messing up my credit file. Now the original bank account is also late.

In April, she filed a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service. IIt’s unbelievable that Santander took so long to investigate and uphold the complaint and then do nothing.
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This is a nightmare story. A scammer has made several attempts to open accounts in your name in several major banks. Santander has caught this trick just so the bank can’t prevent you from taking out a big loan.

After months of delays, Santander acted quickly when we contacted you on your behalf.

It is said that she sympathizes deeply with everyone who falls victim to fraud. “We have reviewed this case and unfortunately believe the customer was a victim of application fraud, so we have written off the debt, closed the checking account and are in the process of adjusting his credit profile so that this unfortunate situation does not have any lasting impact.”

We are ‘extremely sorry’ for the delay in responding to you and awarding you ¬£500 as a goodwill gesture. It’s non-binding, so you can still follow up on your complaint with the ombudsman, a route you haven’t decided yet. You are hoping to get a mortgage now and climb the real estate ladder with your partner.

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