2022 – How the insidious Boris was removed | Letters

I just got all clear after my cancer radiotherapy. Boris’ tumor was named because it is a malignant tumor that must be removed. Now, at 77, I am determined to stay long enough to say goodbye to the other Boris.
Rodney Smith

For example, Lord Hogan Howe found Boris Johnson to be “loyal and honorable” and that he “did what he promised” (Boris Johnson faces backlash after pushing a former Met chief for the NCA role cap, May 23). Because of this ruling alone, is he definitely unsuitable for a high position?
pat comeri
Devon Bridford

Surely making a badge that says “I’m not Banksy” is exactly what Banksy would do (I assume Mr. Banksy: Council member who resigned over allegations he had a secret, May 27)?
Peter Lavender

Regarding the suggestion that tennis needs to reconsider its rules (Letters, May 27), I suggest removing the right to the second serve. This would greatly improve the game. Imagine if you got a second chance in football if you failed to get a penalty on the first try.
David Handley
Gargrave, North Yorkshire

Better Than Sheet & Quilt (Letters, May 25) are separate single sets of sheets and comforters on a shared double bed. Then you can reach out and throw in your hot flashes all night long without disturbing the other person.
Maria Gildia
Charlton, London

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