Depending on your account type, there are two ways you can change your username in Windows 11.

  • You can change your username in Windows 11 for any accounts you have.
  • For local accounts, open Control Panel and change the account name to User accounts.
  • If you have a Microsoft account, open Settings and go to Accounts; Find your account and use the Manage button to open the account webpage.

Windows 11 (along with older versions of Windows like Windows 10) makes it easy to change the username associated with all the accounts you use in Windows. You can do this whether you use a local account or sign in with a Microsoft account, although the steps are different.

How to change the username of a local account in Windows 11

1. start this switch panel. To do this, click beginning button and type “control panel”. click switch panel When you see it in search results.

2. click users accounts.

3. click Change account type.

In the User Accounts section of Control Panel, choose Change account type.

4. in which Select the user you want to change In the section, click on the account with the username you want to change.

Control Panel in Windows 11
There may be multiple accounts associated with your copy of Windows, so select the one you want to change.

5. click Change the account name.

6. Enter the new name and tap changing the name.

Control Panel in Windows 11
You can change your account name with a few clicks in the control panel.

How to change your username for a Microsoft account in Windows 11

1. Click on beginning button and then click Settings.

2. In the navigation pane on the left, click accounts.

3. click Email accounts.

Settings window in Windows 11
Locate the Email and Accounts section in Settings to change your username.

4. in which Accounts used by other apps In the section, click Your Microsoft account, then click Management.

Settings window in Windows 11
Select Manage to launch the Microsoft account page in a web browser.

5. Your Microsoft account page should open in a web browser. Click at the top of the page your information.

6. Click at the top Edit names.

7. Make changes to your name, then tap save on computer.

Settings window in Windows 11
You can edit your Microsoft account name on the Microsoft website.

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