2022 – Hungary – England: Nations League match with 30,000 spectators despite the ban on fans

Raheem Sterling and Judd Bellingham were abused by Hungarian fans in September 2021

England are set to play their Nations League group stage match against Hungary in Budapest on Saturday with at least 30,000 fans in attendance – although the match is being played behind closed doors.

Hungary has been ordered to play matches behind closed doors after racist behavior by its fans.

But their FA applies the UEFA rule which allows children to attend when accompanied by an adult.

The Hungarian Football Association registered 30,000 children in Saturday’s match.

In June 2021, UEFA ordered Hungary to play three matches without fans, with the final match suspended, and a fine of £85,000 for discriminatory behavior by their supporters during Euro 2020.

FIFA also ordered them to play two matches behind closed doors after racist insults against English players during the World Cup qualifiers in Budapest on September 2.

Both Raheem Sterling and Judy Bellingham were attacked by fans at the Puskas Arena, the venue for Saturday’s game, with objects and a torch thrown onto the field.

According to Article 73 of the UEFA regulations, children up to 14 years old from schools and/or football academies can be invited to the game free of charge if accompanied by an adult.

It was Glenn Camara mocked the fans From Sparta Prague in the Czech Republic when Rangers played with them in the European League last year when the match was held in the same conditions, as 10,000 children and their companions formed the crowd in a match behind closed doors.

The FA also plans to use Article 73 to invite a number of under-14 clubs within a 50-mile radius of Wolverhampton to apply for free tickets for a behind-closed-doors match against Italy in Molino on Saturday 11 June.

However, this is a much smaller number of invitees as around 2,000 fans are expected.

The match against Italy in Molino will be behind closed doors due to the bad behavior of the fans in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley.