2022 – Hwang Dong-hyuk’s realistic Squid can’t compete with fantasy horror movies | Rebecca Nicholson

IIt was a great week for my fans squid game, the hugely popular dystopian Netflix series about a rivalry that turned out to be death. On Monday, the show’s creator, Hwang Dong Hyuk, announced the second season of the drama. “Join us again for a whole new round,” he said, to which any sane person who saw it replies, “No thanks, it was horrible enough last time.”

Two days later, Netflix announced that we can’t watch anymore squid gameWe can participate as it has given the green light to a real copy and is looking for participants. If you’ve watched the series and are still willing to sign a deal, you probably don’t have the strategic genius that Netflix claims it requires.

Squid Game: Challenge It is said to feature the biggest cast and biggest cash prize in reality TV history, with 456 players (as the show) and a price tag of US$4.56m (£3.7m). It was inevitable that there would be a formal attempt to make his challenges “real” before a cheeky businessman with a few acres of land and a tractor tried to impersonate him. squid game Experience how these water parks are in style complete destruction Or my favorite Christmas tradition, a disappointing winter wonderland, with a Chihuahua in reindeer antlers and getting kids to sit on the knee of the next bearded guy. So it’s official. Squid Game: Challenge He promised ten episodes and “a series of games inspired by the original show — plus surprising new additions,” though I’m not sure the original, which surprised the contestants by letting them watch each other die, needed more of a surprise. Everything “to death” is supposed to be left out. Health and safety has gone crazy if you ask me. With no terrible risk of death, what was left other than 456 people playing hopscotch?

Perhaps the evidence is that Netflix refers to this as a “real-world competition” rather than a simple game show; Anyone with a passing interest in reality TV could argue that it’s a bit of a bloodsport anyway. If Squid Game: Challenge Works, does this mean that Netflix will step in to offer more shows from series to competition? I look forward to Maid: ChallengeContestants navigate a system of punitive benefits as they try to care for a child and hold a job.

Lashana Lynch: Miss Honey to please Matilda’s new fans

Lashana Lynch: Isn’t she cute? Photo: Matt Barron/Rex/Shutterstock

In the world of movie news, the release of the first teaser for Matilda the Musical It only slightly overshadowed the one-shot version of Barbie, of Ryan Gosling as Kane, that inspired more rational memes than I expected.

As sweet childhood memories go Mathilde It is a semi-sacred area whose characters are still loved by children of all ages. The movie is adapted from the West End musical, so it promises not to interfere with the 1996 film, which was a more straightforward (albeit American) version of Roald Dahl’s 1988 classic.

Still, it’s strange to see new actors in these roles. Emma Thompson is the brutal Miss Trunchbull who carelessly shoots children over the school fence, while Lashana Lynch is the new Miss Honey, the cutest character in all of children’s literature.

I think back to the pure pleasure of seeing the old Mathilde First time with my niece, or what turns out to be the first time for many, and how excited she will be to see this on Christmas, with a new Miss Trunchbull and a new Miss to name it.

Beyoncé: Come back with a bang, not a moan

Beyoncé: Great. Photo: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Since then, Beyoncé has not released any album LemonadeIn April 2016. I would say a lot had happened in the meantime, but to put it in context, at that time people still believed Hillary Clinton would be the next president of the United States, Britain was still a member of the European Union and the pandemic was still Something Gwyneth Paltrow wore in the first minutes infection.

Fans suspected Beyoncé was about to release new material after deleting the banners on her social media pages, the digital equivalent of a typewritten flyer on a gold stand announcing the birth of a new royal baby. The Royal Baby is already a new album to label the seventh Renaissance, a title that last but not least guarantees a solid spelling check for anyone who should write it. It’s coming out in late July, which, unlike it, gives fans plenty of time to get really hysterical about the sneak release. Beyonce In 2013, sparking a stampede among those who couldn’t listen until they got home from work and thus didn’t know why everyone said, “skateboard.” Ah, the innocent times.

It’s a neat way to announce an album, of course (and it’s unfortunate that Drake is so bad he releases his surprise album with a proper title honestly forget it the next day), but if they shoot the top cover of the British fashion He suggests that he will not be shy and reserved. Bring on the surplus. I can not wait.

Rebecca Nicholson is a columnist for The Observer

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