2022 – I ate the same food at Wahlburgers and BurgerFi, and will do my best to get better food

I ordered the same from BurgerFi and Wahlburgers to see which chain has better food.

BurgerFi (left) and Wahlburger (right).

BurgerFi and Wahlburger are two hamburger restaurant chains that both focus on quality, according to each brand’s website.

BurgerFi has 120 locations in 22 states, while Wahlburgers—the Mark Wahlberg-owned facility—has 91 locations in 23 states and four states.

I ordered a burger and fries from BurgerFi while in Florida and the same from Wahlburgers while in Atlanta to compare the food and atmosphere at both chains.

BurgerFi is a casual fast chain that has been serving customers since 2011.

Outdoor seating in front of BurgerFi in Delray Beach Florida.

The chain is headquartered in Florida, where I first tried it many years ago. On a recent return trip, I wanted to try it again to see how it stacks up against some of the other fast food restaurants I’ve tried recently.

Wahlburgers also opened in 2011 as a casual fast burger joint.

Choose a burger
Outside of Wahlburger in Atlanta.

Brothers Mark, Donnie and Paul Wahlberg opened the first Wahlburgers chain in Hengham, Massachusetts in 2011.

I tried it for the first time on a road trip through Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; and Atlanta, Georgia.

While both are no-frills dining experiences, the biggest difference is that one uses waiter service while the other takes orders from the counter.

Order service at BurgerFi and Wahlburgers
Menus at BurgerFi (left) and Wahlburgers (right).

The BurgerFi menu was shown on large TV screens above the registration window and the kitchen, and I placed my order with an employee who gave me a table number to take away while I waited for my meal to be ready.

Next to the register was a small batch of beers on tap that reminded me of Shake Shack, a casual burger chain that started in New York City.

However, at Wahlburgers, I received a packed menu when I sat down (they also had QR codes to search for contactless menus) and a member of the team took my order while I was seated and then brought it to me when I was finished.

In the middle of the Atlanta restaurant was a large bar with spirits, wine and beer on tap and bottled.

I thought BurgerFi looked more like a no-frills restaurant inside than Wahlburgers.

At BurgerFi in Florida.

Inside, I thought the casual chain looked like a cross between a no-frills bar and restaurant.

With a mix of metal and wood tables, forged metal details and ornate lighting, I would describe it as a soft industrial interior style.

Wahlburgers seemed like an attraction in my opinion.

Interior of the Wahlburgers Atlanta site
The Wahlburgers in Atlanta.

This Wahlberg family chain takes a no-nonsense approach to brand promotion. From family photos on the walls to movie posters and testimonials, I couldn’t ignore the fact that this place is owned by celebrities.

The bright green color scheme was consistent throughout, and the Wahlburgers-W logo was intentionally affixed to every napkin, walls, and menus. They also processed “Wahl” into different words, such as “Wahlbrewski” for beer advertising and “Wahlgear” for branded items.

At BurgerFi I ordered a cheeseburger and a side of fries.

Burger and fries from BurgerFi
Burger and fries in BurgerFi.

My cheeseburger consisted of lettuce, tomato, pickles, american cheese and burgerfi sauce. The Fay Cheeseburger usually comes with 2 pieces without pickles, so I modified my order a bit.

I also ordered regular size fries, which is the smaller option.

At the South Florida location, the burger alone cost me $6.39 and a side of fries $4.29 – a total of $10.68 I spent on my meal. (Price varies by market, and these items are $7.87 and $4.97-$12.84—at burgervy locations in Atlanta.)

I was impressed with all the ingredients in the Cheeseburger Burger Fay.

burgerfy burger
A look inside the cheeseburger burger.

The beef patty was incompletely shaped, which leads me to believe it was house shaped, and the meat itself had plenty of delicious flavors beyond the saltiness.

Along with a slice of delicious gooey cheese came one piece of lettuce that was large and offered more crunch than I expected – it looked very flaky. A single slice of tomato added some much-needed texture and lightness to this rich meal.

I wish there were a little more sour pickles so I could savor them with every bite – spreading them evenly over the cake might fix that too.

Speaking of the cake, I was impressed with how well it goes with all the juices and sauces. The bread does not wilt or crumble under the weight of each layer. Even when I put it down to try the other menu items in front of me and came back to it about 20 minutes later, the cake was still dry and intact.

The french fries in this chain were delicious but lost their flavor once they cooled.

Burger Fries
Regular fries in a burgerfi.

These potatoes came to my table salted and hot, which I think is always a plus, and something I’ve learned is never foolproof.

They were cut to about 1/2 inch thick and varied in length. Some had a brown potato skin on the outside, which I personally like because it adds texture. Once I had a bite, I could tell it was soft on the inside and almost crunchy on the outside.

However, the potatoes became cold after about 30 minutes. It became harsh and lost most of its flavor as a result.

At Wahlburgers, burgers and fries are served together as a meal.

Choose a burger
Burger and fries at Wahlburgers.

I chose the more classic burger on the menu, which came with beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and the sauce of choice (a string version of the classic fast-food pink sauce, often referred to as the specialty sauce).

This order also included a side of French fries and totaled $11.95 in Atlanta.

While the Wahlburgers pie was delicious, I was disappointed with the salad and cheese.

Choose a burger
Cheeseburger at Wahlburgers.

I could tell from the first bite how delicious and juicy the patty was on this burger – this was a huge plus. While the cheese melted well, it didn’t give a satisfactory pulling strength in my opinion.

On top of the burger was a single slice of tomato, sliced ​​thick enough to add flavor and texture to this meal. As a fan of cucumbers, I appreciated the thick cut slices that tasted strongly of dill.

I thought the downfall of this burger – when compared to the one I ate at BurgerFi – was the salad. It was a little weak and mushy and didn’t add anything in terms of flavour.

While the bread used for this cake was fluffy and firm, the Wahlburgers used butter to seal the inside, blocking out the moisture. While enjoying the added crunch, I found it impressive that the BurgerFi bun was able to hold the lid on its own without the help of the extra butter.

I thought the Wahlburgers french fries left something to be desired.

Choose a burger
Fries in the burgers.

These fries were good but not amazing. The potatoes were 1/4 inch thick, flaky, slightly crunchy on the outside and mostly tender on the inside.

While the texture was nice, I found the flavor rather bland. The fries and burgers reminded me of Wendy’s in terms of texture and Burger King’s in terms of taste.

I didn’t have the urge to eat every last one like I usually do, and that was enough to tell me they were fine.

In general, I found both meals to be good. But if I had a choice, I’d spend my money at BurgerFi instead of at Wahlburger.

Eat at burger chains BurgerFi and Wahlburgers
I prefer BurgerFi over Wahlburgers.

Both meals had great qualities as well as the fall.

Personally, I prefer the non-spicy BurgerFi pickles and the short-lived but delicious fries from the Wahlburgers lettuce and fries.

And while I appreciated the Wahlburger bun while eating, I would have chosen not to consume the extra butter if I had the opportunity.