2022 – ‘Idle Cell’: Boris Johnson under fire for rapprochement with final weeks as prime minister | Boris Johnson

For most prime ministers, the emphatic knowledge that their term is coming to an end leads to a last, frantic attempt to advance as many of their political agendas as possible and secure a legacy. But Boris Johnson’s decision to spend his final months thanking Checkers supporters, throwing a wedding and taking a vacation weeks before his time in Downing Street ends, is “a man’s baffling end,” according to one of the country’s most prominent mystery offices. Prime Minister.” Contemporary Historians.

Sir Anthony Seldon, who has written books on prime ministers Blair, Brown, Cameron and May and studied the impossible job of prime ministers, said Johnson’s approach contrasts sharply with that of his predecessors, who had the luxury of planning their final weeks.

He said Tony Blair and Theresa May – two new prime ministers who knew their terms were coming to an end – had each done their best to ensure their final weeks were not wasted. David Cameron has also planned only some final measures to end his term as prime minister early after Andrea Leadsom withdrew from the Conservative Party leadership race and May’s coronation as prime minister.

In turn, Seldon said Johnson’s past few weeks have been “indifferent” since announcing his retirement. “What happens is that prime ministers either lose through a general election, like John Major or Gordon Brown, or with a failed leadership election, as was the case with Cameron,” Seldon said. “He has wanted to do everything possible in the past six weeks.

“But when they have the time, like Theresa May, they actually use it to do all the things they would have done earlier if they had a better sense of the cadence of the Cabinet architecture. Blair also planned his exit very carefully and carried on to the end. He engineered his departure and how to maximize those recent weeks.

“While all this is neglected. It is strange because the history of Johnson’s prime ministership is an unfinished business. The things that mattered to him – get up, get the dividend of Brexit, create a strong economy, create a strong place for Britain in the world, become the most determined prime minister. On the environment – these things are not perfect.

“A lot of others had a whole bunch of sermons they gave to end things the way they would like. He may not have come yet, but the timing is tight for him because the country is on vacation until early September and then it will not be of any use to him.”

Unlike Boris Johnson, his predecessor Theresa May remained active as prime minister in her final weeks. Photo: House of Commons/PA

Johnson was accused of being “missing on the job” last week after it emerged he was vacationing at an undisclosed location just weeks before the end of his term. Last month, he held a drinks meeting at his Checkers sanctuary during a heat wave while Cabinet Secretary Kate Malthouse oversaw Cobra meetings due to the inclement weather.

The following weekend, he had his wedding ceremony at the property of the main Conservative benefactor Lord Bamford in the Cotswolds. It is said to have included a steel band, rum punch, and aba and conga songs. He had previously been photographed flying in a hurricane and training with Ukrainian forces. Johnson went on vacation on Wednesday.

Seldon said that unlike his predecessors who found themselves in a similar situation, Johnson made Number 10 a “cell of inaction”. “That would be reasonable behavior for someone doing the jobs they want to do,” he said. “He didn’t do those things. It would be reasonable behavior for someone so diligent and shot all the guns. He didn’t.

“He stays true to himself. Everything about him is unexpected.”

A No10 spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister has always been clear that this government must be judged for its actions in the interest of the British people – from regaining control and leaving the European Union, to protecting lives and livelihoods during the pandemic to expanding out of our world. Lead the immunization program to lead the global response to conflict. in Ukraine.

“Although he has indicated his intention to step down when a new leader takes office, the Prime Minister remains focused on moving forward with his commitments to the public. Last but not least, he will ensure families have access to £37 billion in support for families facing rising costs as a result of Putin’s illegal war.”

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