2022 – In Economy 3.0, the Metaverse will create jobs for millions by Cointelegraph

In Economy 3.0, metaverses will create jobs for millions

Traditionally, job creation has been orchestrated by politicians desperate to get the country back to work and be seen as stimulating the economy. From job-creating programs during the Great Depression to President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act, hiring programs have a long and volatile history. Today, promoting meaningful employment to the masses is more popular with policy makers than ever before, yet the next major top-down job creation program is unlikely to be triggered.

Instead, it will emerge from a world where most politicians have little rule and few powers to control: the Metaverse. Parallel to our physical world, this virtual world is not bound by national borders, nor is it the fiefdom of the social media companies that ironically label their name.

Make a bench in metaverse

Meta work for the masses