2022 – Inescapable Alcaraz: Why Teen Sense May Be The Next Big Thing | French Open 2022

FFor more than a decade, men’s tennis has been searching for new stars to continue the dominance of the Big Three. Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. New generations rose and fell, and waves of hype erupted surrounding some of the most promising young players from long ago, while the extremely talented players did not live up to their dominance. In their thirties, Nadal and Djokovic remained the safest bet to win the most Grand Slam titles in recent years.

However, towards the end of their career, a new player appeared who, more than ever, established himself as a successful player, the Spanish teenager Carlos Alcaraz. Since winning his first ATP match at the age of 15, Alcaraz has had tennis with expectations on his shoulders.

Alcaraz grew up in El Palmar, a neighborhood in Murcia, southern Spain, and began playing tennis at the Real Sociedad Club de Campo de Murcia, where his father, Carlos Alcaraz Gonzalez, was the director of the tennis academy. Carlos Alcaraz Sr. was a humble professional, reaching 963 before retiring at just 20 years old due to lack of funds. He grew up a family of a tennis player. Alcaraz’s 10-year-old brother, Jaime Alcaraz Garfia, is himself a promising young player, having recently competed in the IMG Future Stars U12 tournament in Greece. He has two other brothers; Alvaro and his older brother and younger brother Sergio.

In 2018, Alcaraz joined the JC Ferrero Equelite Athletic Academy, where he still lives and is managed by former Spanish world number one Juan Carlos Ferrero, who won the 2003 French Open, just a month after Alcaraz was born and just before that. Federer and Nadal started to dominate. With one of the greatest Spanish tennis players behind him, Alcaraz made rapid progress.

At every age and stage of his young career, Alcaraz has stayed above the curve, setting age records or closely behind behind many of teenage Nadal’s amazing performances. After becoming the youngest player in the US Open quarter-finals last year, Alcaraz entered the new season after changing his physique, donning a sleeveless shirt at the Australian Open to mark his achievements.

I took it to the next level. Winning the Miami Open made Alcaraz the third youngest player to win the Masters 1000 event, the second most popular tournament after the Grand Slam, and last month he became the first player to defeat back-to-back Nadal and Djokovic on Clay on his way. To win the Madrid Open.

Carlos Alcaraz bites the trophy after winning the Madrid Open in May. Photo: Paul White/Associated Press

The King of Spain, Felipe, watched Alcaraz’s victory over Nadal in Madrid, after he personally congratulated the young man after his success in Miami. “I was more nervous [for] “This call is from the match,” Alcaraz said at the time. “It is amazing that the King of Spain congratulates you for the hard work you do every day and for your victory.”

Between those two Masters 1000 titles and two other third-class ATP 500 wins, Alcaraz set a record 30-3 in 2022. Having been 133rd at the start of last season, he is now the sixth player in the world at age 19.

“It’s definitely something special,” Djokovic said this month. “I mean he broke a lot of records even as a teenager, you know, he won two Masters events this year, a few 500s. So far he is the best player in the world, there is no doubt about the results he has achieved this year.”

Its popularity, of course, exploded. After his victory in Madrid, Alcaraz returned to Murcia as a large crowd gathered outside his parents’ apartment, prompting him to take to the balcony and display the trophy to the loving fans below. He has been invited to Spanish chat shows and published in prominent magazines. The number of his followers on Instagram has crossed 1.3 million and they are still growing. His matches already drew notable crowds at the Australian Open in January, but in Paris even his practices were the stage for a frenzied crowd.

Carlos Alcaraz serves Sebastian Korda in the third round match. Photo: Yves Hermann/Reuters

Alcaraz’s success relies on an explosive, dynamic and comprehensive game more than most players of its era. He already has one of the most devastating and heavy forehands in the game, while his shot, especially to his front side, is one of the focal points of his game.

His formidable hand skills and archery are held together by his supremacy in athletics and defense, qualities that have produced a myriad of impressive points that highlight his talent. Alcaraz has been in great fanfare since his victory in Madrid and arrived in Paris by some bookmakers as the favorite in the tournament.

At Roland Garros, his championship almost ended surprisingly early. In his second-round match against intelligent, expert Albert Ramos-Vinolas, he found himself serving Ramos in the fourth set, trailing by match point. His fondness for big moments was such that he not only saved match point, clinched the second half and clinched the fourth set, but then rebounded from a 3-0 deficit in the fifth set. His reputation somehow grew despite him losing him to the world number 44.

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Während Alcaraz die sicherste Wette unter allen jungen Stars ist, die in den letzten zehn Jahren aufgestiegen sind, ist selbst jetzt, wo er als Top-10-Spieler gilt, nichts sicher, wenn Verletzungen, psychisre a Problemr ufken ability. However, there is no doubt that he is on his way, regardless of whether he actually fulfills his grand slam aspirations at this year’s French Open.

“I’m still young, but I’d say I’m a very experienced player now,” Alcaraz said. “I feel comfortable playing in big stadiums, big matches and major tournaments. I am strong physically. I am strong mentally as well. I think I am ready to play these kinds of matches in these situations, these tournaments.” Then he shrugged. “I’m ready, yes.”