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Is there a secure future for cross-chain bridges?

The plane landed and stopped. On the way to passport control, a passenger stops at a machine to buy a bottle of soda – but the machine is completely indifferent to all the credit cards, cash, coins and everything else. All this belongs to a peculiar economy of the machine, and therefore they can not even buy a drop of Coke.

In the real world, the device will be perfectly happy with a Mastercard (NYSE:) or Visa (NYSE:). And the exchange office at the airport would have been equally happy to help (for a large premium of course). However, in the world of blockchain, as long as we exchange outbound travel to move assets from one chain to another, the above scenario amounts to the case for some commentators.

Lior Lamash He is the co-founder and CEO of GK8, a blockchain cybersecurity company that provides a guardianship solution to financial institutions. After honing his cyber skills at Israel’s elite cyber team, and reporting directly to the Prime Minister’s Office, Lior led the company from its inception to a successful $115 million acquisition in November 2021 by Forbes Liore and business partner Shahar Shami in the 30 Under 30 list.

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