2022 – Just Eat co-founder creates Britain’s new ‘Cost of Living Caesar’ | Cost of living crisis

The Just Eat co-founder has been named the government’s new “cost of living czar”.

David Patrice, the former CEO of a takeaway delivery app, will work in a new unpaid government role to help companies develop programs to help people struggling with rising prices.

Buttress has built Just Eat UK into a platform that allows customers to order restaurant meals and takeaway while earning commissions from outlets. The food will then be delivered by delivery drivers in restaurants or by third-party suppliers, some of whom operate in the temporary job economy.

After Buttress left the role in 2017, Just Eat expanded to hire some of its own delivery drivers – either under contract with labor rights or as an economic agent for the business, earning money for every delivery made.

Peters is now the chairman of Dragons Rugby Club in Newport and a venture partner at 83North, which is investing in another food delivery company, Hungry Panda.

The government said Education Minister, supporter Nadim al-Zahawi, would attend a meeting with supermarkets and sports organizations to discuss holiday activities and the feeding regime – a program designed to help children with free school meals avoid hunger during the holidays.

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Announcing the appointment, Steve Barclay, Boris Johnson’s chief of staff, said Boutres would add “a wealth of experience” and “business strength and prowess” to the role.

“Companies and institutions across the country are constantly stepping up when the nation needs it most. The financial pressures people face due to current global challenges will not be any different,” he said.

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