2022 – Kellyanne Conway says she has no objection to her husband George Conway changing his stance on Trump but is baffled by his “aggressive” vocal opposition

Her husband, George, joined Kellyanne Conway as they arrived for dinner at Union Station on January 19, 2017 in Washington, DC.

  • In her new memoir, Kellyanne Conway expresses surprise at her husband’s public anti-Trump stance.
  • She said her husband’s “passive-aggressive” tweets to her husband were “out of character” for him.
  • “I just wanted old George, a loving husband and father who doesn’t get lost in the day,” she wrote.

When Donald Trump was due to take office after the 2016 presidential election, all eyes were on his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, who channeled his messages and helped him deliver the keys to the White House.

Once on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she went on to play a more public role in the administration as an advisor to the president, but an elusive voice began to oppose much of the work she had done during her tenure—that of her husband, George Conway. Conservative attorney from Yale University.

In her newly released memoir, Here’s the Deal, Kellyanne Conway writes that her husband, George, “rejoiced” at the Hilton Midtown Manhattan in New York after announcing the race for Trump.

Two years later, Kellyanne Conway had to respond to her husband’s many anti-Trump tweets, with her partner apparently making fun of the then president in the most public way possible – via Twitter the account This gained momentum and unleashed a political firestorm in Washington.

Kellyanne Conway – despite her support of Trump – said she could handle her husband’s change of heart toward the then president, but she was unhappy with the public nature of his deep opposition to the GOP leader.

“No one specifically – beginning with me – has objected to George’s attitude toward Trump, even though I didn’t understand it,” she wrote. “George was free to give opinions, even those at odds with those he had just held before. What was baffling and upsetting was how public he was about these disagreements, how aggressive he was, and how persistent he was.”

She continued, “It was out of character for George: swearing, malice, passive-aggressive nature. Some were so shocked that they asked nervously if we had a plan, as if I was in a ploy to unleash the president” and those around him. People were writing “everything” For show only.” It’s all ridiculous. If this was a show, I literally didn’t want to be a part of it.”

Kellyanne Conway went on to write that she felt her husband was “preaching morals” while at the same time “violating” his marriage vows. In the book, she referenced a June 2020 tweet from her husband that chronicled the split between the couple.

“No one is compelled to act, speak for, defend, explain, justify, or apologize for this president’s incompetence, mental disorder and racism.” Tweeted at that time. “Whether you do it or not is a decision. It is a moral and critical choice, both for the individual and for the nation.”

The former Trump adviser expressed dismay at the tone of the tweets, particularly when her husband put the Trump hashtag directly on Twitter.

“Trump was too busy and too disinterested to notice any comment or comment,” she wrote. “George is a smart guy and he must have realized. So if he wasn’t trying to hurt or embarrass Donald Trump or kick him out of the White House, who was his intended target?”

Then Kellyanne Conway explained that she was gradually avoiding discussing political developments with her husband.

“Over time, George and I have rarely talked about Trump or politics,” she wrote.

She longed for her husband to cut back his social media habits and go back to how he was before Trump took office.

“I just wanted old George, a loving husband and father who wouldn’t waste the day in the abyss of the internet doing the same things over and over,” she said.

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