2022 – Labor: Labor urges investigation into alleged second event at No10 hosted by Carrie Johnson | Boris Johnson

Labor has called for an investigation into leaked text messages that suggest there was a second meeting at Boris Johnson’s Downing Street apartment during the lockdown, which his wife Carrie held on his birthday.

The emergence of new evidence of a June 19, 2020 event not mentioned in Sue Gray’s party report prompted accusations of a cover-up and urged Number 10 to “clean up”.

There was no denying the event, but a spokeswoman for Carrie Johnson said Gray had been briefed on the lyrics “as part of her full investigation into alleged violations” of the Covid rules.

They added: “Staff have had ample opportunity to provide evidence including this news and all relevant information has been passed on to the Metropolitan Police for investigation.

“It was later found that the lunchtime meeting in the Cabinet Room on June 19, 2020 was a violation and, among other things, a fine was imposed on Mrs. Johnson, for which she apologized unreservedly and paid the fine on the spot.”

It was alleged that a Downing Street aide received a text message from Johnson’s wife confirming that she was with two male friends in the apartment, which were later joined by the Prime Minister.

At the time, strict lockdown rules meant that it was forbidden to mix with others indoors, but people could gather outdoors in groups of six. Meetings were excluded when the meeting was “reasonably necessary for business purposes”.

The gathering took place hours after Christmas in the Cabinet Room, with both Johnsons being fined by the police. It is believed to be a third event on Johnson’s birthday with relatives, which takes place in Downing Street Park and is believed to have played by the rules at the time.

On November 13, 2020, there was a meeting in the apartment in which food, alcohol and loud music were reported. Gray admitted that she dropped the investigation into this particular event when the Met began their investigation and chose not to pursue their investigation afterwards. Conservative MPs expressed outrage at the revelation.

Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner said the text messages were suppressed and the public “deserves the truth about why a lockdown party has not been announced at the prime minister’s house for his birthday yet”.

She added that the revelation “raises new questions about potential wrongdoing in public office, which should now be subject to truly proper and independent scrutiny” and that “this appears to be another cover-up.”

Rayner demanded that the messages be passed on to MPs on the concessions committee, who are expected to begin their investigation into whether the prime minister misled Parliament by first denying that the Covid rules had been violated.

Rainer also said in the letter that Downing Street had previously denied that such a gathering had taken place and asked if other senior officials had attended.

A Cabinet Office spokesman defended the impartiality of Gray’s report, saying it “was conducted impartially and its contents constitute only the findings and conclusions of the investigation team.”

Referring to the Cabinet Room meeting in her report, Gray said the meeting lasted 20 minutes and that participants ate food and drank alcohol. Pictures of Johnson, Cabinet Secretary Simon Case and Chancellor Rishi Sunak have been released.

The long-awaited results, which were released on Wednesday, did not refer to any other gathering that day and only mentioned the prime minister’s wife once in reference to another event.

But the report hinted that other details might emerge, saying: “Given the partial way in which I have been briefed on the events, it is likely that there were events that were not the subject of the investigation.”

The Sunday Times reported that a Downing Street employee wrote to Cabinet Secretary Simon Case with a transcript of Carrie Johnson’s texts, stating that her offer to share the news with Gray’s team had been ignored.

A Cabinet Office source said ignoring such evidence is categorically not true. They added that sharing the material with the aid worker was part of the information provided to the police.

But the allegations threaten to reignite anger over the Partigate scandal that the prime minister is trying to draw a line.

A government source acknowledged that Gray’s report did not cause the “political breakdown” that some had expected, but added that the consequences would likely lead to a “gradual distillation” of other compelling details.

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Conservative MPs are believed to have submitted a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister. One said, “It’s bad.” “This will never go away. There will be a constant flow of new revelations. They just go on!” Another speculated that there would be a “low, low, low” more evidence.

A No 10 spokesperson said: “Sue Gray and the Metropolitan Police have completed their investigation. The Prime Minister has fully cooperated with both investigations.”