2022 – Leicester goal-drop final against Saracens leaves Burns speechless | Lister

Leicester match winner Freddy Burns admitted he could hardly believe the thrilling result of the Premier League final as he fired in the match-winning goal to frustrate Saracens in the last minute of the match.

Burns had to play a more important role than expected as George Ford stumbled away in the first half having already managed to reignite his professional career at Leicester after a stint in Japan. “I’m in disbelief now. Normally I’m at a loss, but I can’t believe I’m sitting here. I managed to flip it—she was like a dead duck—but I don’t care. It went through.”

“We’ve been a fighting team all year and we’ve shown that in a lot of matches. I don’t think people really gave us a chance. Everyone was talking about the great Saracen players, but I wouldn’t trade any of our boys for their boys. We kept fighting and came out on the right end. Giving the supporters that moment And being rewarded for their support means everything to everyone at the Tigers.”

Their coach Steve Borthwick also praised the calm manner in which his players created an opportunity for Burns to prevent the match from overtime. “The calmness to put yourself in a better position was exceptional,” Borthwick said. “Thinking clearly like they did in a very difficult match was impressive. I watched it [Freddie Burns] When he hit those balls on the training ground yesterday… he has nerves of steel, doesn’t he? “

The recent death of Tiffany, wife of former captain Tom Young, has stirred additional emotions from all involved in Leicester’s first title in nine years. “Everyone at the club has worked hard to get to this position,” Borthwick said. “I’m happy for everyone. Everyone at the club is still hurting the Youngs family. It ended up being so chic for Tom Youngs and Ellis [Genge] Pick up the cup together.

“If you are really clear about what you are going to do, sometimes this can happen. You want to win rugby but you have to make your family proud and you have to be proud of yourself and your friends have to be proud of you.”

And Saracens rugby team manager Mark McCaul admitted that Leicester, who finished top of the regular season, deserved success. “They kept us locked in our halves for so long and backed that up with a brilliant defense,” McCall said. “It was very frustrating, but a lot of it was who did it. We were a little stifled today. It was hard to break them. Fair play for them, they did brilliantly.”

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McCall also refused to blame his players for choosing a late penalty kick from close range rather than trying to win the game against 14 players. “It’s hard to know what to do. I don’t agree with the decision at all. I don’t think it was the right match – they deserved to win.”

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