2022 – Liam Farrell: Wigan Warriors emulate Challenge Cup legends in the final

Wigan’s 2022 team will hope to emulate past Challenge Cup winners when they face Huddersfield in Saturday’s final, says substitute captain Liam Farrell.

No team has lifted the trophy more than Wigan’s 19 wins, including a string of consecutive victories from 1988 to 1995.

However, it has been nine years since Captain Wigan last lifted the trophy.

“There is no denying that the club has a rich history with the Challenge Cup,” Farrell told BBC Manchester Radio.

“The teams of the late ’80s and early ’90s had such a dominance.

“This team is trying to write our own story. We are a completely different group of guys.

“They have earned their place in the story themselves and we are trying to make sure we do our part and get our name on the trophy.”

From beginner to senior

Three Wigan leaders want Liam Farrell to emulate – Graeme West, Dean Bell and Eric Ashton

Farrell, a distant cousin to former Wigan captain Andy – one of 11 people to win the club’s Men’s Challenge Cup – replaces injured captain Thomas Lowway, who was Named in the first 21 players team.

It’s an honor to be proud of, as he was a fan of him when Chris Radlinsky helped the Warriors win Finals 20 years ago.

From Jack Price in 1924, to Jim Sullivan, Eric Ashton, Graeme West and Ellery Hanley, to current assistant coach Sean O’Loughlin, who was the latter in 2013, there have been some notable names that have catapulted the team to the fore. King’s chest.

Bracelet or not, the 31-year-old is definitely the front-runner in the rankings now compared to his two debuts in 2011 and 2013.

It will be the guiding hand of talents such as Morgan Smithies, William Byrne and Ethan Havard who are now active in the team.

“The first two games I played I was surrounded by a lot of older guys. I was the kid in that squad,” Farrell said.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve passed the wins – I played my part – but this time I’m a more experienced player.

“There are a lot of talented young players at the club that I would like to win the Challenge Cup and for the fans it’s been a few years.

“I’m in a different situation this time, but in the end it’s the same reward and it’s exciting.”