2022 – Lucy Bronze says Rice and Trippier asked the lionesses to take the euro home | English women’s soccer team

Lucy Bronze revealed how Declan Rice and Kieran Trippier encouraged the Lionesses to face the pressures of the European Championship on home soil – but the women weren’t content with losing the final on penalties.

England’s men’s and women’s teams trained at St George’s Park during the former Nations League campaign and the latter’s preparations for the European Championships to be held in that country next month.

Bronze, who recently announced that she will be leaving Manchester City, played in the 2015 World Cup finals in Canada and France three years ago. But Sarina Wegmann’s team is now among the favorites to play in the final against Austria at Old Trafford on July 6.

Gareth Southgate’s men meet Hungary in Molino on Tuesday with the Lionesses facing Belgium on Thursday. The two teams met informally at the National Football Center in Staffordshire, as well as in a formal chat late last week.

“Triber and Declan Rice came in last week,” said Bronze. “Trippier had a lot to say because he’s a player who’s played in a lot of tournaments and got very little media coverage. [having] I played without a position last year.

“We’ve talked about isolating the outside world and I think that’s something I’ve probably had to deal with more than most of the players in this England squad in recent years. It’s been nice to be able to talk to someone who has these issues and how he’s coping with these moments.

“We’ve been with them in and around St. George’s Park for the past few weeks. We’ve talked to many of them. You’re only human. They sit and play cards, we can sit with them.” [and] It’s a nice atmosphere because I think the two teams fit together very well. tranna [as] The same.”

Move the goal

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Wijmann led the Netherlands to glory at home at the 2017 Women’s European Championship, with England reaching the semi-finals. Southgate’s side improved again last summer only to lose the final to Italy on penalties.

A sarcastic bronze said she wouldn’t be happy with such a feat. “I wouldn’t agree to that,” she said with a laugh. “I’m not going to penalties – we will win the match in normal time.”

The bronze medalist does not believe hosting the tournament will lead to undue stress. “You’ve been in a lot of tournaments, Champions League finals, big matches where you feel a lot of pressure,” she said. “But the best players and the biggest players want to play with the whole crowd in these matches. And I think we try to look at him as a lot of support. Hopefully he will be our 12th man.

“We’ve seen the difference is that country made the men’s team last year. And obviously they made it to the final. I think that’s something we want to replicate and use to our advantage.”

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