2022 – Matt Fitzpatrick fulfills his “dream” of winning his first major at the end of the tense US Open | US Open

The world of professional golf will soon return to an obscure realm of Saudis with dollars, players defending the untenable, and commercial organizations struggling for survival. There was all the more reason to appreciate this exciting end to the penultimate men’s major tournament of 2022. The country club offered sport in its purest form, when it was needed.

Matt Fitzpatrick’s first major title. The Yorksherman won the US Open on the same court that the American amateurs had won nine years earlier. That Sheffield United fanatic is Brooklyn Blade.

Six Fitzpatrick under parity beat Will Zatoris and Scottie Scheffler by one. The presence of Fitzpatrick and Zulatoris in the latter group reinforced the feeling that they would be the ones to enter the tournaments directly. The world’s #1 ranked Schaeffler was never far away.

Fitzpatrick was understandably happy. “It’s what you dream about as an adult,” he said, “to win, and you’ve worked hard for a long time.” “I had the big monkey on my back for not winning in the States. It was everything everyone was talking about, and there’s nothing better than doing a major.

A shaky start from Zatoris saw him play the first three holes in two overs. On the other hand, Fitzpatrick and Schaeffler seemed inspiring. Fitzpatrick shrank third and took the lead by five. Schaeffler joined him in the fifth with a bird. After driving into the green on this short level, Fitzpatrick climbed to minus six. The Zulatoris were four behind at the time.

Birdies for Zalatoris placed him on the seventh and ninth days within one of Fitzpatrick and Scheffler. Suddenly two opponents fell cold.

Flying Zatores in a short eleven is meant to lead in two strokes to six under. But with the leader in the tournament comes a lot of tournament pressure. He fired a bullet on the twelfth and cut off his lead on the rough road on the thirteenth, as he could only do so from the side chips.

Will Zatoris had a birdie on the 72nd green to force a playoff but had to settle for second. Photo: John David Mercer/USA Today Sports

Drama ensued. Fitzpatrick jumped for joy after turning a 50-foot ball. Unbending, Zatores saved his feet from a third of that distance. The duo was now five, with Scheffler missing a chance to join the party in advance on Level 5 14 green.

Fitzpatrick ran wide with a birdie attempt on the 14th hole but saved easily for a five. Zlatoris missed his opportunity to play four-way painfully. In an exciting match play battle, these players were evenly matched at minus five with four play points. Four under the Schaeffler was from the outside to the inside.

Fitzpatrick’s run was at 15 minutes; But it is wide enough to find a decent location on the grass that the spectators have stepped on. Zlatoris wasn’t so lucky, although his shot wasn’t nearly as accurate as his playing partner. Fitzpatrick found the green sands of Zatores. The corollary was ghost zulatoris. Fitzpatrick’s bird strike descended to the bottom of the cup. Fitz advantage at the second.

Enter Scheffler. A brilliant approach to the seventeen set up a triple bird and cut Fitzpatrick’s advance into one. Zlatoris didn’t give up either, as evidenced by iron on the 16th just 5 feet from the flag. He put in his pockets for birds. Fitzpatrick had to hold on to the latter.

Zatoris’ attempt on the penultimate hole lacked the necessary speed. Fitzpatrick had his own three-person shot, but it was also short. To the 72nd hole where the Englishman crashed his car into a bunker. From there a towering, luxurious iron struck the heart of the green. hero actions. Putting two strikes to seal the victory.

Hideki Matsuyama stormed the field with 65 – the lowest single-round result in the tournament – and scored three points to prioritize the leading trio, at least in the latter stages. Matsuyama played the inner half of the country club in only 32 to finish fourth.

When Rory McIlroy rolled first, Eternal Spring was hoping for its first major hit in nearly eight years. McIlroy equalized on the tricky second hole but dropped a shot on the third hole, a hole that three of the four rounds bothered him about. McIlroy’s nine-forward turbulent bird was confirmed by a bird on the fourth, a ghost on the fifth, a bird on the sixth day and a ghost on the seventh day. When McIlroy failed to get a fifth-tier shot in eighth, his chances of winning dwindled dramatically.

With birds on the fourteenth and fifteenth, McIlroy was less than two and came back with a small shout. On the 16th, the tee shot failed for the second day in a row. McIlroy finished with a score of 71 for two under par and a tie for fifth. He will think about what it could be. So did John Ram, who slipped abruptly to the last lap by 74 laps. Ram finished in a tie for twelfth place.

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Colin Morikawa will defend the claret jug with flying colors. He bid farewell to Brooklyn with a score of 66, which gave him the same finish as McIlroy. Morikawa will regret the third round of 77; Morikawa said he was at least nine years old for the other three days. “I thought it was the best place I’ve played in a long time.” “You really have to find your way here. You have to think hard. I thought it was a course that you can play really well and a course that can hurt your back really fast. I think I understood both sides, but overall I loved it.”

Not half the Fitzpatrick equivalent.

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