2022 – May I say a word about…how the major commotion took such a huge turn | Jonathan Bouquet

When exactly did we become a nation of super-fiery? I’m only asking because I can’t help noticing the headlines flow with the word “flying high”.

“The flavor of things to come when food prices go up” was just one example from last weekend. Then there were: “Referral bonuses increase as staffing shortage increases,” “Used Tesla prices skyrocketed, selling over new models,” and “Burton’s jewelry company launched in shack with leaks and sales forecast on the rise,” “It will go up.” Energy bills in sterling 2,800 in the fall for millions, MPs said.

I get the point, but I’m pretty sure things just blew up in the old days without adding “heaven”. So if we can end the semi-hysteria and go back to the previous situation, I would be very grateful. I recently found the following in the economics section – the “dynamic stochastic general equilibrium” model. You are good at asking.

It reads as follows: “Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modeling is a macroeconomic method widely used by monetary and financial authorities for policy analysis, to explain historical time series data, and for future forecasting purposes.”

I will be the first to admit that the economy is a different country to me, and with examples like this being talked about, it will probably remain so for some time.

It was also recently reported that according to Andy Haldane, former chair of the government task force to raise standards, mathematics appears to be “academic and intimidating” and should be renamed arithmetic.

Can’t we split the teams and summon the totals as they were in the mysterious and distant past of my school days?

Finally, a welcome return to the silly word “community”.

The following is from British Canoeing: “We want to create a consistent set of words that can be used anywhere and can educate the kayaking community about our behavior, environmental protection and safety.”

Jonathan Bouquet is an Observer columnist