2022 – Messages: Obituaries for Mrs. Afshar | Nigel, Amanda Sebastian and Bob Cannell Fountain

In October 1963, when I was a student at New York University, I first encountered the beautiful, back-to-back laughter of my fellow student Hala Afshar. She enjoyed arguing with faculty and students – or anyone else – while maintaining her seemingly easy-going charm.

In an interview with the local glossy Yorkshire Life magazine, she said, “I intend to become the first female ambassador to Persia.” In the end, she proved to be a true ambassador of Iran, brave, feminist and democratic from the country of the ayatollahs.
Nigel’s Fountain

Twenty-five years after our friendship with Hala Afshar in York, the marketing-minded Vice Chancellor has produced a handbook of distinguished alumni/alumni. They were all male.

Hala must enter his office with her uncontrollable laughter to get the support of an alternate brochure. All women.

With Valerie Atkinson and Liz Maynard, Hala interviews not only female alumni, but those who made the university: secretaries, librarians, catering and janitors, telephone operators, and academics. The other 25 years are a precious collective reminder of time.
Amanda Sebastian

As a graduate student at the University of Bradford in 1979, I thought I had discovered a new form of economics in which the cost of something is equal to the amount of labor required to achieve it. I excitedly told my supervisor, Hala Afshar. She gave me the first volume of Karl Marx’s Capital: Come back when you read it.

she did. Aura changed my life.
Bob Cannell

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