2022 – Monica Ali fears writing sex scenes in a new novel | Monica Ali

Monica Ali, author of Brick Lane, said she was “panicked” about writing the sex scenes in her latest novel, Love Marriage, because she dreaded while writing the nomination for the Bad Sex Awards.

Speaking at an event at the Hay Festival in Wales, the 54-year-old author told the audience: “There are all kinds of pitfalls when it comes to writing sex scenes – you might end up using words like ‘thump’, ‘push’, ‘member’. .”.

She added that Ali had previously avoided writing sex scenes, explaining that although her character Nazanin had sex on Brick Lane, “we didn’t have to be in the room with her” because, as a devout Muslim, it “goes with her.” Personal. “” for a degree of privacy. But when it came to Jasmine, the heroine of the movie Love Wedding, the writer felt that her sex “is such an essential part. [of the] Reise, which she could not “fill in” when writing.

“When I set out to write it, it wasn’t as bad as I had feared,” Ali said, adding that Yasmine’s account questioning her identity as a “good girl” had dominated. She said the scenes are essential as they show Yasmin, who was raised in a Muslim family, breaking the rules she has always lived by. Not only through a relationship with her boss, but also sex during her menstruation, and this is absolutely forbidden. Forbidden”.

“Because he felt so necessary to her development,” Ali said, “actually it was fine,” before quickly adding, “I guess!”

However, her 20-year-old daughter was less impressed, the British Bengali writer continued. After reading the manual for the book, she called her mother and said, “Mom! How could you? Did you know Grandpa would read it?”

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Ali’s father actually read Love Marriage and told her, “It’s excellent, but there are a lot of insults,” the author said. “What is meant by sex,” she added. “But he can’t pronounce the word sex.”

However, Ali said sex is the “narrative backbone of the whole story”. “And of course stories about sex lend themselves to secrets and lies and shame and guilt and the opposite: exploring boundaries, having fun, finding one’s desires.”

Although she believes she is a nominee for the Bad Sex Awards, which were established in 1993 with the goal of “gently dissuading authors and publishers from including unpersuasive, superficial, embarrassing, or redundant passages of a sexual nature in otherwise solid literary narratives”. This is a fear for anyone trying to write sex, she thinks it’s easy to avoid.

“Ich denke, was dazu neigt, den Bad Sex Award zu gewinnen, sind erweiterte Metaphern: ‚brechende Wellen’, ‚Tunnel und Züge’.” Wenn Schriftsteller „sich von Metaphern und mechanischen Beschreibtent Alien’, so fernhalagn he goes.