2022 – Musk: Self-driving cars next year

Elon Musk was recently in Brazil for talks with its president, Jair Bolsonaro, to discuss using SpaceX technology to bring internet to schools in rural parts of the country and to monitor deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. tesla engine canada. However, it is not known whether he encouraged the venerable leader of this country to stop destroying the rainforest completely. While in Brazil, he told the press that he expects Tesla to have self-driving cars without the need for humans within about a year.

Tesla has made great strides toward the goal of building cars that don’t require input from human drivers in recent years with its Full Self-Driving Beta, which currently has more than 100,000 testers across the United States and Canada. In a recent interview at All In Summit, Musk said FSD is “a lot of demands” and that the company should be able to expand the program to about 1 million Tesla owners before the end of this year.

It was also recently suggested that Tesla would soon start producing automated taxis. People who rented a Model 3 were never allowed to buy their cars after the lease expired because Tesla thought they would all switch to robotaxi. But this idea is clearly no longer valid. Where Tesla might make its new automated taxis hasn’t been publicly discussed.

Musk said the company can’t Think About making the Model 2 less expensive because it has Semi, Cybertruck and Roadster 2.0 first, and it’ll be years before it has the scope to add other models.

As for Musk’s latest claim that self-driving cars will hit the market next year, we’ve been hearing Musk’s siren song since about 2015, or at least for the past three years. If you look at the responses to the tweet above, you’ll see that there are some people who believe that Musk is still speaking through his hat when making such claims. The FSD Beta may be unusual, but it’s still far from Level 5 or even Level 4 of autonomous driving. Probably the correct answer to Musk’s flattery is in this video below. color us skeptical.


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