Solana: Negative investor sentiment continues to rise

  • Bearish sentiment is starting to accumulate among investors (SOL).
  • The co-founder shared that he has a negative attitude towards the network.
  • The Solana team announced on May 28 that the blockchain clock is running 30 minutes behind the clock.

Bearish sentiment is starting to build up among Solana (SOL) investors as the network slows. Adding to the downside, the Ethereum co-founder said he also had a negative outlook on the network.

Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum, recently issued a warning to holders of altcoin. According to the founder, Solana’s price could see another drop after the $1 trillion liquidation in the recent market crash. In response to the market crash, popular altcoins like Solana, , and , have seen price drops.

Wood said in You…

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