It’s been almost a year since Joe Root played an ODI match. Obviously, this is mainly due to his very hard job as a test leader, but one also wonders if he lost his place – David Malan looks well hidden in third place. However, the World Cup will be held not only in October, but also in India, and Morgan will certainly not do without his skillful skills in such conditions. Australia or South Africa, maybe you go with another top-tier power hitter, but in the Indian subcontinent? I really hope so.

Live. Another check up at 10:30 a.m. GMT.

We have to be good at the end of our game.

So Liam Livingston. 66/22 the other day gave him a strike rate of 300.00, better than Gus Butler’s paltry 231.43. Part of me wonders if it deserves a matching test kick at some point (because yes, England is in dire need of smoothing out the lower middle class).

Do we think the Netherlands could play a little more orange? I I think neon is back too – they can do something very serious with this huge development. it will be from very.

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As well too.

Guess whose daughter forgot her goggles while swimming? Oh yes. But now we’re back and TV coverage is just starting, so we’ll have a better idea of ​​what’s going to happen in the near future.

late start

The stadium inspection will take place at 9.45am CET. There are rumors that some rain has found its way under the covers, in which case we may be a long way from launching – especially with more things to come. From early afternoon we must be dry.

Yesterday in the synagogue one of my friends was wondering if coloring in all the corners is really good for the Dutch side, but I have no such doubts about it. I remember years ago someone asked Andre Agassi if he felt bad about smashing younger players and said he doesn’t because he needed those jabs to get better. On top of that, just being in the middle and watching the big players do it pays off, not to mention the 266 that the home team mustered in response under the pressure of humiliation. It’s a shame for cricket that the game is for so few nations, and anything the wealthy can do to inspire the rest of the world is cause for celebration – even if it means singing them until 498-4 to charge.

I’ll hold off on marking this as a major event until it’s confirmed, but a launch delay is likely, according to the indispensable Cricinfo report.

The scene is wet, lots of action from the ground crew but not much from the players yet. We will be surprised if the throw is on time, but we will see.” Some talk about the referee’s check at 10.45 (which certainly means a late tie).

I say this a lot, but for those of us who remember the ’80s and ’90s, England’s one-day prowess will never stop feeling weird. Particularly ironic in all of this is the strength in depth – they did what they did the other day without Johnny Bairstow, perhaps their greatest limited hitter ever, Joe Root, perhaps their most reliable limited hitter ever, and Ben Stokes. Its all time ben stokes batter with max limits. How good is not normal.

Well, here is another possible solution: Sellar may not be playing today, says Kresinfo – he has a back problem – and there could also be a case of rain. It’s dry now, but there was plenty of it overnight, so whether we can start on time depends on the quality of the Amstelveen’s drainage.


Many fateful words have been said in the history of cricket, but few in recent times have been as painful as “Let’s have a bowl, please”. But when the coin fell on Friday morning, Petar Sellar said exactly that, and just hours later his team was on the wrong end.

It’s not hard to see why he made that decision – he was probably in the mood for the chase and fearful of a cone that could quickly end a match. But that was how it went, which meant that the question of what to do today would be on his mind very difficult this morning.

On the other hand, bowling England isn’t as scary as hitting England, so it makes sense to hit the first ball. But why would his improved team give up? Perhaps it’s best to just hope that Eoin Morgan – whose golden duck has been one of the captain’s great recent victims – gets it wrong.

Play locally at 11am, 10am GMT

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