Article in the guard He shows us that even in this market, you don’t need $50,000 to buy an electric car. A grandmother in New Zealand was angry with the oil companies, and one day decided she wanted to deal with giving them her hard-earned money, so she worked with a friend to build her own electric car.

“You must be a little crazy,” said Rosemary Benorden. “I would like to thank the oil companies for that impulse.”

A 1993 Honda picked up a junkyard and towed it home. She removed the gasoline engine herself and then worked with a friend (he’s an engineer, he wasn’t hurt) to convert the old car to electric. The total cost was about $15,000, which is pretty good for an EV rebuild.

She easily admits that not everyone can do this because it takes time and money. But she and her boyfriend (boyfriend says he made at least 7 more cars) are doing it to highlight recycling and the adoption of electric cars. She believes that most people might just want to buy an electric car, but that converting the large commercial vehicles that drive around town could not only be financially feasible, but also be better for the environment.

“Just being able to show that it’s possible is invaluable,” she said. the guard. “The most important thing is to stop the biggest polluters as quickly as possible – and nothing we can do as individuals is that important in my opinion.”

Why do they think so logically?

For everyday drivers, it is probably not worth going through all these troubles. Used electric cars that put head and shoulders over a 1993 electric-powered thug can be had for less than I paid to rebuild them. The other problem is that you have to put a lot of time into it, and time is actually money that you can’t earn from anything else.

For a car enthusiast, I can see both sides of it. It would certainly be nice to get last year’s cars with modern power and torque, especially something like the VW Beetle. I’m seriously considering doing this myself and have a Herbie license plate on my Jetta in my state waiting for an error to restart it. At the same time, I have nothing against enthusiasts who want to keep a completely vintage car in stock, as this will be a very small number in the future and faithful collectibles are very nice.

For commercial vehicles, electric vehicle conversions can be a great idea. If you have invested a lot of money in a large car with special equipment, starting from scratch can be very expensive. Re-energy equipment, especially when your internal combustion engine is malfunctioning and needs an overhaul anyway, can be a huge money saver.

I hope your project helps push this idea forward.

Featured image: Screenshot from Rosemary Penwarden’s Twitter account showing the work.


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