2022 – NEWS Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a potential killer launches a SHOCKING 911 call The 911 call from Nicholas Rusky, who appeared outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home with a firearm on Wednesday morning, was released onto the Internet. Written by Conor Surmonte 10 2022, posted at 11:11am ET

“I took her a long time ago,” Rusky said in one of two calls made to emergency services around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, acknowledging that he had thoughts of harming himself and Judge Kavanaugh. “I came here from California to influence her.”

“It’s in a suitcase. It’s in a black case,” Russky continued, noting that he had an empty gun stashed in his bag. “I’m standing close to it but it’s zipped because I just got there from the airport.”

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