2022 – News Meghan Markle’s father Thomas may need one year of treatment after suffering a suspected stroke, Meghan Markle’s 77-year-old father may need at least a year of speech therapy after suffering a stroke on Monday. By Conor Surmonte, May 27, 2022, posted at 7:43am ET

“I don’t think he saw it coming, but he’s doing a better job – he’s in good spirits. It’ll be several…maybe six months, maybe a year before he gets his speech back,” said Meghan’s 57-year-old sister. JB News said. “He can work with a speech therapist and that’s a good thing, the attack he had in the part of the brain that produces speech wasn’t so great that he couldn’t recover.”

“But you know, when you’re about 80, the flexibility is less and things are more difficult,” she continued. “So he remembers words and associations, the stroke was on the right side of the brain, so the damage was on the left side and he’s left-handed.”

“But it also affected his speech and his ability to swallow.”