2022 – News of Nickelodeon star Alexa Nicholas Drops suing her ex-husband after allegations she made damages Actress Alexa Nicholas, best known for her role in “Zoe 101,” filed an assault suit against her ex-husband on Tuesday. By Conor Surmonte, May 27, 2022, posted at 2:31pm ET

The couple married in 2012 when Nicholas was 19 before separating in 2016, although the couple didn’t officially finalize their divorce until years later.

“[Milosh] Excessive use of his power and seniority [Nikolas]As well as years of sexual grooming [Nikolas] As a minor child to manipulate her into trusting him,” Nicholas’ lawyer wrote in the first filing in August [Nikolas] as part of his continuous behavior aimed at the satisfaction of his lustful and economic desires.”