2022 – NewsAre you looking for revenge? Brangelina’s legal battle continues as Pete Jolie is accused of trying to “harm” the sale of the winery by Samantha BenitzJun. 6 2022, posted at 2:50 PM ET

The papers, submitted last week and obtained by the Daily Mail on Monday, claimed that “the Stoli brand is now a huge international liability,” referring to the Russian leader. Vladimir PutinInvasion of Ukraine. His attorneys argued, “Jolie secretly prosecuted and then completed the alleged sale, willfully kept Pete in ignorance, and willfully violated Pitt’s contractual rights.”

β€œJolie attempted to forfeit earnings she did not deserve and investment returns she did not make. Jolie also attempted to harm Pitt through the alleged sale.” “Julie knew and intended that Schaeffler and his associates would seek to take control of the business that Pete had built and undermine Pete’s investment in Maraval.”

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