2022 – NEWSWoman ‘actually assaulted’ in Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse app While another user looks on, Bombshell Report claims a 21-year-old researcher claims she was ‘actually assaulted’ while using the Metaverse app in the Meta This month after just one hour of using the platform. By Conor Surmonte, May 27, 2022, posted at 8:24am ET

β€œIt happened so quickly that I kind of distanced myself,” the researcher said. “Part of my brain was like what’s going on, part like this isn’t real physical, and part like this is important research.”

In light of a SumOfUs researcher’s allegations of hypothetical sexual assault, a Meta . spokeswoman spoke to him daily Mail He defended the Metaverse app and suggested that new users using the platform keep the “personal limits feature” enabled to prevent such potential incidents.