2022 – Nine Bullets Review – Lena Headey and her on-screen smoke billowing from the mob | Movie

WIt’s a disappointment for Games of Thrones star Lena Headey: a flimsy thriller derived from the thriller that squanders all her screen luster and that dangerous grin that made her shiver in terror like Cersei Lannister. Here you play a stripper named Gypsy who hates children but is running away from a mob with an orphan. It’s a movie that serves raw Tarantino slices with a sprinkle of Gloria John Cassavetes on the side.

Nine Bullets begins the night of Gypsy’s retirement from exotic dancing – just in time for her good perversion as she wears golden nipple covers. Gypsy wrote a memoir about her life as a stripper and landed a publishing deal that changed her life. But just as she is about to start a new life, gangsters attack her neighbor Ralph (Zachary Moren), a Mafia accountant who has been messing with books. The only survivor is Ralph’s young son, Sam (Dean Scott Vasquez), who reluctantly agrees to be led by a gypsy to his uncle in South Dakota, with three goons in her heels. It’s a wild ride full of second chances, redemption, and some futile intrigue.

By a strange coincidence, it turns out that Gypsy once dated the psychopathic crime boss who wiped out the young Sam family. This is Jack, played by Sam Worthington, who gives the role so much energy as if he’s on an appointment with a podiatrist to freeze a wart. There is a startlingly bizarre sex scene when Gypsy arrives at his soulless mansion to convince him to give up his heavy weight.

Nine bullets are so unfocused that you might want to scream in frustration. And for a movie that runs in just under 90 minutes, it feels really slow. Heidi is always worth watching, but what a missed opportunity.

Nine Bullets will be available on digital platforms on June 6.

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