2022 – Nio plans to build a US plant

China is a leader in electric car production, but few of these cars make it to the US, in large part because cars coming from China are subject to a 25% import tariff. Now the media in China is reporting that Nio, one of the largest new generation of Chinese electric car makers, is considering setting up a plant in the United States as a way to avoid some or all of those import tariffs.

However, Nio refused to confirm or deny the reports CnEV He has put forward a number of indicators that point in this direction. Quoted from a local news source YicaiAnd the Nio is said to be hiring for positions including overseas manufacturing planning specialists, overseas project structure operations specialists, overseas planning and infrastructure specialists, and overseas logistics project managers.

The planning specialist job description requires candidates to have managed two or more complete master plan projects, including at least one in the United States. Candidates for this position must be familiar with and understand US guidelines, design codes, and plan submission processes, as well as US operations planning and master plan principles.

It is reported that Nio plans to build a plant in the United States. The position requires knowledge of US state policies and subsequent participation in site selection in the US,” says someone who has worked on setting up a plant for Chinese car companies on several occasions. Yicai.

Nio currently has a self-driving vehicle research and development center in San Jose, California, as well as a software development team based there. The company is also hiring planning and infrastructure professionals in San Jose. Requirements for these positions include knowledge of regulatory processes in the commercial real estate industry.

source says Yicai Job descriptions for overseas logistics project managers and project building operations specialists overseas suggest that a US plant can operate in CKD (completely closed) or SKD (semi-closed) mode, in which large components are imported from China and made in the US are assembled.

New Day event

December 18, 2021 was Nio’s Day, and founder William Li took the opportunity to share the company’s vision for the future. He told me at the time that Neo would join Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark in 2022. I had already started selling cars in Norway.

The goal is to sell its products in 25 countries and regions around the world by 2025, Li said, without specifying which countries and regions will be included. According to media reports, the USA, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand were included in the market expansion plan at that time.

Lee said in an interview with English-language media, including on December 19, CnEV. The company is heavily focused on making “smarter” electric cars. He told me that European and American automakers make excellent products, but that Nio also has very unique experience and competitiveness.

If Nio comes to the US, it could put pressure on US automakers, especially if they offer cars that are more affordable than domestic models. So Japanese brands began in America, and cars from South Korea followed the same model. The key will be the price. Nio could offer affordable electric cars that Tesla, Ford, GM and Stellantis don’t, which would be a huge boost for consumers who want to go electric but find today’s offerings too expensive for their budget.


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