2022 – Norm MacDonald: Nothing Special: Comedy bids farewell to his friends with a little help on a Netflix special

Netflix packed Macdonald’s performance, which lasted just over 50 minutes, with a half-hour discussion with six of his friends: Dave Chappelle, David Letterman, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Conan O’Brien, and Molly Shannon, and spent about 30 Another minute, in which he remembers while deconstructing what viewers have just seen.

Chappelle describes the gritty scene as “very endearing,” while Letterman notes that without the audience’s response to the material, “we wouldn’t watch stand-up comedy. You don’t get the full level of base without that audience.”

What you get is a clear reminder of MacDonald’s uncanny sense of humor as he hops on from one topic to another, occasionally engages in strange digressions and endures the kind of interruptions that were common in work experiences during Covid, from his barking dog to answering a phone call and an apology but he’s in the process of recording a comedy special.

While MacDonald knew his time might be running out, there’s nothing annoying or sad about the presentation, as he points the camera at his face and makes him tear up. The comic does mention the wills of life and a few other matters touching annihilation, but it’s no different in its tone than his habit of preferring gambling in Native American casinos (“I see it as a form of redemption”) or strategizing for cannibals in the event of a plane crash in the Andes.

Like the controversy surrounding recent Netflix specials featuring high-profile comics (including the aforementioned Chappelle and most recently Ricky Gervais), MacDonald dismisses the limitations on what comedians currently see as permissible, citing how “words change” as to what might cause this. . a crime. If this became some kind of generational conflict and ongoing debate, it was clear that MacDonald wanted the world to know where he was.

Darüber hinaus profitieren Macdonalds Performance und die darauffolgende Konversation/Analyse (aufgenommen während Netflix’ jüngster Comedy-Show „Netflix Is a Joke“) von einer entspannten Qualität, die die Zuschauer hinter den den Vdemorhang führ ability.

MacDonald states that he misses the thrill of being able to perform live, but there is a reassuring feeling that he knows he’s doing something he loves, and he’s doing it one last time, whether on the big stage or on his own terms. As his production partner Laurie Joe Hoekstra said, “He left this gift to all of us.”

Whatever one’s reaction to various jokes, there is more sweetness than sadness. MacDonald was gone, but was able to call his curtain goodbye with a little help from his friends.

Norm MacDonald: Nothing Special premieres May 30 on Netflix.