2022 – Notting Hill Carnival partners with Glastonbury Festival for the first time | Glastonbury Festival

Notting Hill Carnival will team up with Glastonbury Festival for the first time this year, to fill the site’s already colorful sidewalks with Caribbean floats and processions.

Until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Caribbean communities in West London had hosted Carnival every year since the event had grown together in the mid-1960s to eventually become the largest annual street party in Europe. However, it has not been held since 2019 after Carnival was canceled due to Covid concerns. Online live broadcasting events were held in their place.

So Glastonbury marks the carnival’s return to personal festivities before returning entirely to its usual home for bank holiday in August. Matthew Phillips, managing director of Notting Hill Carnival Ltd, said the two events “share many of the same beliefs and represent the country on a global scale…it’s going to be fantastic.”

Featuring an electric carnival car, there will be zero-emissions parades through the festival grounds, with a sound system playing Caribbean songs, followed by dancers, live “Mas Bands” and Moco Gambies. After the processions, there are concerts by Mangrove Steelband, eight-time winners of the Panorama Steelband Championship, which are held during the annual Carnival festivities.

Recent concerts take place in Block9, a sprawling multi-venue area to the east of the festival site that hosts the bulk of Glastonbury’s late-night music and entertainment.

Block9 will also celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Castlemorton delirium that took place in Malvern Hills, Worcestershire and has become a focal point for authorities cracking down on unorganized outdoor parties. After a moral panic, the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 was directly affected by the delirium and criminal gatherings of more than 20 people listening to music “characterized wholly or mostly by the emission of a series of repetitive beats”.

Iicon stage at Block9 in Glastonbury in 2019. Photo: Neil Hall/EPA

“We continue to fight for the utopian dream that Castlemorton represents,” said Block9 co-founder, Gideon Berger. “The dream of music, community and gradual inclusion, away from government control and greed for profit.” The commemorative events, which are being held at the festival’s Genesis Theater, also criticize the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act of 2022, which gives police new powers to enforce noise restrictions on public protests.

Block9 announced the rest of its nightlife ensemble, including house DJ Todd Edwards and Honey Dijon at the vibrant gay-friendly NYC Downlow nightclub, as well as the return of Outer Space Iicon, which features digital projections on a giant human head, which organizers dubbed “a religious monument False of the terrifying new realities emerging in our post-truth digital age.” DJs and live performers include Shygirl, Overmono, Sherelle, Floorplan and Hercules & Love Affair.

Like the Notting Hill Carnival, the two most recent scheduled events in Glastonbury have been canceled due to Covid-19 and like the Carnival, a live broadcast took place in 2021. Due to technical difficulties, artists like Coldplay, Haim and Damon Albarn have been guests here.

The festival, which kicks off on Wednesday, June 22nd, has moved into this year two of the most prominent figures announced in the 2020 lineup: Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar, who will be joined by Billie Eilish. Diana Ross will appear at Teatime Legend on Sunday.