2022 – NRA holds a prohibited gun giveaway highlighting the gun used by Uvalde gunners

Protesters gather outside the NRA convention in Houston, Texas, May 28, 2022, days after a mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas killed 19 children and two adults.

  • The NRA held a “banned gun” sweepstakes featuring the same gun that killed 21 people in Texas.
  • The giveaway started the day before filming and lasted for four days after that.
  • Despite the protests, the NRA continued its annual meeting in Houston, Texas, just days after the shooting.

As part of its ongoing Banned Guns Giveaway, the National Rifle Association this week pulled a Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 rifleÔÇöthe same rifle used just days before in the UvaldeTexas school shooting that killed 21 people.

“NRA offers 12 world-class rifles that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi want to ban!” The website reads and ads for the NRA giveaway, which opened just a day before the shooting and ran for four days after.

The NRA did not immediately respond to an Insider’s request for comment.

Despite renewed calls for gun control measures since the shooting, no national legislation was introduced and Texas Governor Greg Abbott refused to pass new state legislation in the wake of the shooting.

The prize package is one of several firearms being pulled through the giveaway and includes the same model gun used in Robb Elementary’s mass shooting and 1,000 rounds of ammunition. No further entries will be accepted for this giveaway, although several other guns will be drawn during September.

The NRA has been at the center of ongoing protests since the organization decided to press ahead with plans for its annual conference in Houston, Texas, just days after the Ovaldi school shooting that killed 19 students and teachers and wounded 17 others.

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