2022 – Popcorn supplies will be ‘short’ in cinemas this summer, producers warn

  • Cinemas are still losing money after the pandemic halted cinema operations for two years.
  • This summer’s blockbuster films, such as Jurassic World: Dominion, are expected to entice audiences once again.
  • There is one potential problem: the supply of popcorn, or its shortage.

As millions of Americans flock to theaters to watch Jurassic World: Dominion, or one of the many other films expected to draw a large audience this summer, they may be disappointed with the franchise platform.

Those soft golden puffs of classic cinema popcorn topped with fake butter and very real salt may be in short supply.

ÔÇťPopcorn supply is shrinking,ÔÇŁ Norm Krogh, CEO of Preferred Popcorn, told The Wall Street Journal.

And it’s not just the popcorn itself that’s hard to find: these greaseproof paper bags are already in short supply.

Some chains are turning to reusable metal or plastic containers instead, Goldenlink’s director of sales in North America, Neely Schiefelbein, told the Wall Street Journal — despite the lack of publicity and high costs.

Some chains are switching to metal or plastic containers, which are more expensive, Nellie Schiffelbein, Goldenlink’s director of sales in North America, told The Wall Street Journal.

ÔÇťAt the end of the day, they need something to put their popcorn in,ÔÇŁ Schaifelbein said. Goldenlink specializes in “movies-related franchises and promotions” and is a leading supplier of stand-by merchandise such as popcorn bags.

The biggest problem behind this problem is persuading farmers to grow enough corn instead of switching to or sticking with another more lucrative crop such as soybeans, Krug told the magazine.

These supply problems are compounded by the ongoing shortage of truck drivers nationwide, which continues to cause delivery delays in US consumer goods supply chains.

Remarkably, this potential popcorn problem comes at a time when Americans more than ever feel confident enough to return to the stage after more than two years of hesitation. A Morning Consult survey of 2,200 adults in the United States found that more than half of them are comfortable with going to the movies.

The recent success of the long-awaited Top Gun series is another indication that more Americans are ready to return to the cinema. It remains to be seen if there will be enough popcorn for everyone.

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