2022 – Pound Dog Blues: Puppy undergoes surgery after swallowing 20 coins from owner’s wallet | dog

A 12-week-old puppy named Daisy successfully underwent emergency surgery after doing what puppies do best: eating things they shouldn’t. In Daisy’s case, it was about swallowing 20 coins from her owner’s purse.

The animal rights group PDSA said the owner of the Bichon Cross was concerned after she started vomiting and stopped eating.

The PDSA said Daisy was examined and the vets could see that her stomach was causing pain, which raised suspicions of an obstruction, so she was anesthetized and X-rayed.

X-rays showed that the animal swallowed a number of coins – 13 £, three £5, two £20 and two £1 coins, for a total of £2.68.

Daisy’s x-rays showed the pup had swallowed 13 pounds, three 5 pounds, two 20 pounds, and two 1 pound coins. Photo: PDSA/PA

Daisy’s owner, Ivana, of Derby said: “I couldn’t believe it when the PDSA called to say Daisy had swallowed so many coins.

“My wallet was missing and we looked for it everywhere, not believing that Daisy was the culprit who ran off with her.

Daisy was able to go home the day after the surgery. Photo: PDSA/PA

“I had no idea a puppy would eat something like that and we were all by ourselves very anxious and afraid we might lose her.

“My four-year-old daughter is Daisy’s best friend and she was very upset.”

The PDSA said the operation was successful and Daisy was able to go home the next day on painkillers and antibiotics.

Veterinary nurse Sally Frith, who works at Derby PDSA Pet Hospital, said: “Daisy broke a new record – we couldn’t believe how many coins she ate, especially for such a small pup.

“The coins caused a jam that could be fatal if left behind, so it was such a good deed that the owner took them to the PDSA when they did.

“Daisy is back for medical checkups and we are glad she is recovering well.”

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