2022 – Ranked 13th saddest in This Is Us.

13. Jack delivers his mother and reveals more of his dark background.

Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson.

Jack Pearson (Mello Ventimiglia) mother, Marilyn Pearson (Laura Niemi), died in the fourth episode of Season 6, Don’t Let Me Keep You, which aired in January 2022.

Jack was a devoted son who helped his mother get away from his abusive father. But when he moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania and eventually started a family, he became estranged from it.

He refuses to allow his wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore) to travel to Ohio with their three young twins to help with his funeral. But they showed up anyway.

Jack notices his family in the middle of his mother’s eulogy, during which he talks about how he and his mother fled his abusive home as a child.

He thanked Marilyn’s friends for creating a family for her. It’s so sad to think that he basically had to leave her in order to be a better husband and father than his own.

Jack’s mother brought up painful memories of him, but just because he couldn’t include her in his life as much as he should have, doesn’t mean he didn’t love her. Find out who just became his mother when it was too late.


Hannah Roe.
Hannah Roe.

Teenage girl Kate (Hannah Zell) miscarries when she finds out she’s pregnant after her split from her abusive mother in Season 5 Episode 5 “The Long Way Home”, which aired in January 2021. Her ex-boyfriend Mark (Austin Abrams) broke up, broke up.

Kate’s mother, Rebecca, was out of town at the time, but we almost saw Kate pick up the phone when her mom called, probably ready to admit she needed support. Did not arrive on time.

Kate also went to Mark in the same episode to tell him she was pregnant, but once she realized he would never change, she decided to pursue the procedure on her own.

11. Rebecca realizes the effects of her cognitive impairment on her memory.

Mandy Moore.
Rebecca was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in season four.

Rebecca was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment in the tenth episode of season four “Shadows and Lights” which aired in January 2020.

After the doctor’s appointment, she remembered the first time she and Jack said “I love you.” Rebecca remembered her husband saying, “Rebecca Malone, I love you. Never forget.”

In this day and age, she realizes that she has no control, and that she will forget that moment and many more from her life with Jack.

10. Beth and Deja talked about black hair and alopecia.

Russian poetry.
“I’m still here.”

In the fourth episode of Season Two, I’m Still There, Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson) and her daughter Deja (Lerik Ross) talk about black hair and alopecia when Beth discovers spots in Deja’s hair.

Deja was so afraid that Beth would be weak about her hair, and the conversation that followed reminded her of how much Deja had lacked care throughout her life.

It was also rare to see conversation like this on network television, and it was a small step forward in acting.

There is still a broadcast in October 2017.

9. Toby and Kate were fighting over their son in their garden.

Chrissy Metz.
Kate was a strong advocate for her son during the fight.

The divorce of Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) was one of the saddest moments on This Is Us. The fight in the front yard was so intimate and rough that spectators shouldn’t have watched it.

It happened in Season 11 Episode VI “Saturday in the Park” (which aired in April 2022) after they brought their son Jack Jr home safely from the park after his escape.

Since Jack Jr is blind, his parents scold each other about how they abandoned him. Kate has been a wonderful advocate for Jack at the moment, but it hurts to see the child’s disability between his parents.

In fact, the fight got so bad that Kate’s brothers, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley), had to stop it.

8. William told Randall that he was afraid of death and that they were breathing together.

Ron Cephas Jones.
Ron Cephas Jones.

Randall met his father, William Hill (Ron Cephas Jones), on the first season of This Is Us when he was dying of cancer.

Toward the end of his life, they made a road trip to Memphis, where William had grown up and wanted to die.

One of the last things William Randall told was that he was afraid of death. Randall took William’s face in his hands and they both breathed to calm him. The sixteenth episode of the first season, entitled “Memphis”, aired in February 2017.

7. Kevin ran to Randall’s help after sensing his brother was having a panic attack.

Justin Hartley and Sterling K Brown.
Justin Hartley and Sterling K Brown.

In the fifteenth episode of season one titled Jack Pearson Son, which also aired in February 2017, we see Kevin leave the first night of his play to help his brother Randall who was having a panic attack.

It was early on This Is Us, so we found out about Randall’s concern. Watching him fall into his brother’s arms was a heartbreaking moment.

6. Toby “met” Jack and the audience felt the depth of Kate’s grief.

“this is us.”

The first time we learned for sure of Jack’s death was in the fifth episode of season one, which aired in October 2016.

Kate told Toby her then-boyfriend that she enjoyed watching football with her father – then showed Toby the urn containing Jack’s ashes.

It was a minor moment, but one that showed the audience the depth of Kate’s grief.

5. Rebecca told Randall why Kate made her their medical director instead.

Sterling K. Brown.
Sterling K. Brown in “This Is Us.”

In Season 6, Episode 10, which aired in March 2022, Rebecca had to explain to her son Randall why he couldn’t be an executor for her medical care requests.

She made it clear that Randall was there for her and cared for her his whole life (even before Jack died) and that he was trying really hard to save her. You no longer want to hold him back. She also named her son “The Champion”.

Focusing on the weight of Randall’s responsibilities, it was also the beginning of Randall and Rebecca’s parting.

4. The siblings said goodbye to Rebecca.

Mandy Moore about him
Mandy Moore on “This Is Us”.

Rebecca’s children bid her goodbye in the May 2022 episode “The Train” (season 6, episode 17).

We watched Kevin whisper “I love you Ma” on his deathbed while Randall and Kate cried.

This scene was heartbreaking for all the obvious reasons, but intertwined with young Rebecca as she portrays the train as a metaphor for death.

When she got to the last car and realized it was time to die, she said to William, “That’s very sad, isn’t it?” The once vibrant young Rebecca looks fragile and frightened.

Her weak voice also signaled to fans that the true ending of This Is Us is coming soon.

3. Jack and Rebecca lose baby Kyle.

Mandy Moore.
“the big day”.

Two of the first episodes of This Is Us featured some of the most dramatic events. The triplets Rebecca and Jack, who was given the name Kyle, died in the hospital. “Pilot” and “The Big Day” aired in September 2016 and January 2017 respectively.

Jack learned the news of the child’s death from Dr. K in “Pilot” and Jack told Rebecca in “The Big Day.”

2. Rebecca shared her last wishes with her children.

Mandy Moore.

Rebecca’s illness meant her children had to watch their mother die very slowly. The ‘end’ came gradually for her, and one of the most tangible signs that she was actually going to die was in the seventh episode of season six titled ‘Taboo’, which premiered in March 2022.

Mrs. Pearson sat down with her children and laid out her plan for their end-of-life care. Then she asked them to promise her that they would go on with her life as long as possible even though she was dying.

1. Rebecca learns that Jack is dead.

Mandy Moore.
Mandy Moore on “This Is Us”.

Moore gave the saddest performance of the entire series in Season Two Episode 14, “Super Bowl Sunday,” which aired on February 4, 2018.

When the doctor met Rebecca at the vending machine to tell her the news, her shock was exactly how the audience felt, even though we knew it was coming.

No experience with the Pearson family has been more heartbreaking than watching Rebecca walk into Jack’s hospital room to find his bed empty.