2022 – Rishi Sunak’s wife invests in a company linked to the rulers of Qatar | super rich

Rishi Sunak, the British chancellor’s millionaire wife, owns shares in a “private investment community for the next generation of global leaders” and a British luxury furniture company backed by Rupert Murdoch’s daughter.

Akshata Murti, the daughter of an Indian billionaire, married Singh in 2009. She owns shares in dara5, a London-based investment firm co-founded in 2019 by a member of Qatar’s ruling Al Thani family. The stake, by investment firm Catamaran Ventures UK, was first reported by Bloomberg on Tuesday.

Dara5 says on LinkedIn that it aims to provide a “global investment network for next-generation family members, young investors, and young entrepreneurs.” Nasser Al Thani, “the closest relative of the Qatari ruling family,” who studied international business at Newcastle University, is a founding partner. According to his Instagram account, he owns a large collection of supercars.

Multi Millionaire & Co-Founder of Lastminute.com Brent Hoberman He is also an investor.

Documents submitted to Companies House also show that Catamaran Ventures UK is a contributor to the upscale furniture market The New Craftsmen. The company, which it says “organises, commissions and sells unique contemporary objects rooted in craftsmanship and narrative,” counts several well-known wealthy investors among its shareholders. Including Prudence MacLeod, the eldest son of Rupert Murdoch.

Morty established the UK subsidiary of Catamaran with Sunak to invest her own fortune. In 2015, shortly before entering Parliament, he transferred his shares to her, and she is now the sole owner. As a result, it has invested in a number of startup companies. Sunak advertises his wife’s ownership of the catamaran on a list of ministers’ interests, but no details have been given of the companies in which she is involved.

Morty and Sunak’s finances came into focus after it was revealed in April that Morty was legally required to have a non-domestic status to avoid paying taxes on annual dividends they took from a £690m stake in Indian IT company Infosys, which was founded by her billionaire father, NR . Narayana Murthy.

As public outrage mounts, Morty bowed to pressure to pay UK taxes and said she realized many people feel their tax rules do not fit “with my husband’s job as a consultant”.

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The stake in Infosys saw Sunak become the first front-line politician in early May to be ranked among Britain’s richest, just days after warning consumers “the next few months will be tough” as the cost of living soared.

After Sunak became Principal Secretary of the Treasury in July 2019, he stated in the Register of Representatives’ Interests that he transferred his 50 percent stake in Catamaran Ventures to Morty when he became an MP in 2015. However, he did not provide details on the boat projects that would be invested.

Spokesmen for Morty and Snack did not respond to requests for comment.