2022 – Royal Ascot 2022: Platinum Jubilee Stakes and more on Day 5 – LIVE! | Royal Ascot

Today’s lineup plus tips

  • 2.30 pm – Kesham Stakes 7 F… Alfred Muenings
  • 3:05 pm Jersey Stakes 7f… Star Girls of Hope
  • 3.40 m – Hardwick inserts 1m 4f… Hurricane Lin
  • 4:20 pm Platinum Jubilee 6 F… Highfield Princess (NB)
  • 17:00 – Wokingham Stakes (Disability) 6f… blackrod (snooze)
  • 5:35 pm Golden Gates stakes (bet) 1m 2f… honiton
  • 6:10 pm – Queen Alexandra Styx 2 M 5 F 143 S… Falcon’s Journey
Riders arrive to enjoy a rain shower at Royal Ascot. Photo: Ryan Percy/Getty Images

More non-runners

No. 8 Glen Shell (4.20 m)

#11 Charm (5:35 pm)

Contestants arrive at Royal Ascot.
Contestants arrive at Royal Ascot. Photo: Ryan Percy/Getty Images

Royal procession (2pm)

1. Transportation
Duke Kent
Mr. Alexander Dudgeon
Mrs. Alexander Dudgeon
Mr. George Broughton

2. Transportation
Princess Beatrice, Lady Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi
Mr. Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi
Professor Douglas Antzack
Mrs. Douglas Anzack

3. Transportation
Mr. Michael Rich
lady rake
Mr. Jay Henderson
Mrs. Jay Henderson

4. Transportation
Mr. Toby Luz
Mrs. Clara Alexander
Lt. Col. Thomas Weiss
Mrs. Thomas White

Michael Owen isn’t ready yet but he seems to be enjoying himself.

With the news that the Queen will not be in Ascot today, it is almost time for the details of the royal career. And so, of course, when I mention Markus Wallinger’s Serpentine Gallery I saw in 1994, when one of his installations, called Royal Ascot, consisted of a series of video screens on wheeled suitcases, each a leisurely royal carriage ride along the road on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursday and Friday (respectively as they were at the time) for the meeting with the isolated TV commentary added.

The point Wallinger made was that the daily difference was barely noticeable, but what’s different this week is the Queen’s absence. There was no encouragement for Prince Charles and Camilla for the first few days, a fact that has been commented on, but there was plenty of it for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge yesterday. ITV Racing’s Ed Chamberlain said: “A must have Ascot and horse racing [the Cambridges] To participate.”

Cambridge seems to have enjoyed their trip to yesterday's races.
Cambridge seems to have enjoyed their trip to yesterday’s races. Photo: Tim Rock/Rex/Shutterstock

The Queen misses Royal Ascot for the first time in her reign

The mere assurance that the Queen will not be racing on Saturday means she will miss the entire Royal Ascot race for the first time in her long reign. Her coaches have done everything they can to give her a winner this week but have failed so far as they almost missed twice on Thursday. Their only sprinter today is Kings Lynn at Platinum Jubilee Stakes (4:20 p.m.), but he’s down 40-1. Telegraph the full story here.

👑 The Queen will miss the last day of Royal Ascot today, the first time in her 70-year reign she hasn’t attended this show https://t.co/SpK7APgeWB

– Telegraph June 18 2022

not hostile

Do not put these in bet slips. They do not attend.

5:35 p.m. Obstruct the golden gates
fifteen Jimi Hendrix (Self-testimony (tired after running this week)

6.10 pm Queen Alexandra Stakes
2 Earloft Heckotsolds (self-testimony – painful)

These runners are committed runners.
These runners are committed runners. Photo: Adam Davey/PA

Breaking news

As I was… The road to Day 5 of the Royal Ascot is good to hold on (again).

GoingStick readings at 8 a.m.:
standing by: 9.0
Center: 8.7
the other side: 9.0
circular: 7.4

I’ll let Jim explain

If you go for stocks this morning, it means that the far/near side (both 9.0) is faster than the middle (8.7). 9.0 is the fastest read this week.

– Mr. Jim McGrath (@McGracing) June 18 2022


Gregory Halls

Gregory Halls

Good morning from Ascot and welcome to Guardian’s live coverage of the final day of the 2022 Royal Meeting when the Queen will have a runner in the main event – Platinum Jubilee Stakes – and the main coach and jockey awards at the meeting are (almost) still available.

Kings LynnQueen’s sprinter in the big race is 40-1, and it would be a huge surprise if he proves good enough to stand out at the head of a record field of 27 runners that include top-tier runners from four countries, but strange things happened in this meeting, where a shot won 50-1 in the opening race on Thursday.

However, there are more likely winners, including the interiorOne of Australia’s best sprinters whose last form was voted as natural linesA man settled on Chris Waller’s ranch, took the King’s Stand Stakes on Tuesday. CampanileWinner of the Royal Ascot Award for American Coach Wesley Ward In each of the last two seasons, he’s also been in the field, while William Haggas’s filly is light, sacredHe is another famous runner.

Ryan Moore emerged as the frontrunner to be the best rider at the meeting on Friday when he rode a double meditate And the change of guard Which also put their coach Aidan O’Brien in center stage to lift the coaching award.

Moore has five winners over the first four days and a high chance of finishing the competition if he drives Alfred Muenings (again to O’Brien) in today’s slots. William Buick – Stands next to three winners Danny Todhope – She hasn’t won the award yet, but she has her own favourite Hurricane Lin, last year’s winner of the Irish Derby and St Leggers, in the Hardwicke Stakes (3.40). He also has a good chance noble truth (3.05) and creative forceIn advantage at 4.20 so all is not lost for stable rider Charlie Appleby.

Appleby He himself is one of four coaches with winners this week Richard FahyAnd the Jane Chapel Hyam And the Wilhelm HagasWhich puts them all behind O’Brien. So, a good day for Buick could turn out to be a very good day for Appleby, who have less room to earn to top their table.

So there’s a lot to play for on the last day, and who knows, maybe the Queen decides to get off Windsor Castle as she did on the last day 12 months ago.

As always, you can catch all the action live on the blog, from the first day at 2.30pm to the last hit on Queen Alex at 6.10am on a hot and unforgettable weekend.

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