2022 – Rudy Giuliani continues to make false claims to the January 6 committee that he could reverse Biden’s victory if they gave him “paper ballot papers.”

Rudy Giuliani continued to make false allegations of voter fraud during his January 6 testimony before the commission, claiming he could annul the election if the commission granted him access to “paper ballots.”

  • Rudy Giuliani has continued to make false allegations about the January 6, 2020 election.
  • Giuliani baselessly said that a “big truck” loaded with Biden’s ballot papers had been taken to the “garbage bins.”
  • He also claimed without support that he would “prove everything” if he was provided with “paper ballot papers”.

Trump-aligned attorney Rudy Giuliani continued to make bizarre false allegations about voter fraud in the 2020 election during his Jan. 6 testimony before the committee, claiming he had evidence of a “big truck” Biden cast fraudulent votes.

Giuliani’s testimony before the House committee investigating the Capitol riots was broadcast Monday during the second of the committee’s six public hearings on Jan. 6. Former Mayor of New York double to strange and unproven allegations of voter fraud.

Giuliani claimed without justification: “I saw a big truck putting 100,000 ballot papers in trash cans, in trash, in bins and in shopping baskets.”

He also claimed that among those cards, “every one of them was pro-Biden,” and accused the voting technology company Smartmatic of leaking information that then-presidential candidate Joe Biden was lagging in the polls, and that they “better come in” with a lot. More ballot papers.

Giuliani then claimed again that he could prove former President Donald Trump’s baseless claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

“And we can prove everything you just said. If you give me paper ballots, I’ll probably flip any of those states,” Giuliani said. of forged papers that will rock the country to hell.”

Giuliani was notorious for endorsing Trump’s unfounded allegations of voter fraud, most notably during his November 2020 press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping and another media event in the same month where he made false allegations of voter fraud. Testimony from the committee’s Jan. 6 hearing on Monday also showed that Giuliani was the person who pushed Trump to declare his victory on election night 2020, even when it was not clear whether the former president got more votes.

Separately, during a pre-recorded video broadcast of Monday’s hearing, Trump campaign chairman Bill Stebbin noted that the Trump camp is divided into “regular team” and “Giuliani team.” Steppin said he later left the Trump campaign due to concerns about a lack of honesty and professionalism.

Giuliani is the subject of a staggering $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit brought against him, his Trump ally Sidney Powell, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, by voting technology company Dominion Voting Systems. Giuliani was suspended from the legal profession in New York and faced an ethical suit by the capital’s attorneys in June 2021 over his unsupported election claims.

However, in December 2021, Giuliani continued to claim without basis that he had “900 death certificates” to prove that thousands of dead voted in the 2020 election.

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