2022 – Ryan Moore sweeps his opponents in Broome and then Rouen at Royal Ascot | Royal Ascot

Here Ryan Moore ended a four-year wait for his ninth Royal Ascot Jockey title, and he did so with winners from opposite ends of his racing repertoire. Broome, a 6-1 shot, were all races to win the Hardwicke Stakes against a court like Hurricane Lane, last year’s Irish Derby winner, before Moore did a fine needle-pointing exercise aboard a Rohaan at Wokingham Handicap and one found a way through a wall of horses, going from The latter is roughly to the first at a furlong distance.

Rohan’s win, for the second year in a row in this highly competitive handicap and under the 9.12-pound max limit, brought Moore up to a total of seven winners during the meeting, ahead of three winners over his nearest challengers, William Buick and Danny Toddhop. With only two races to run.

Even Mor, who is usually taciturn, found his face cracking in a smile after stopping in Rohan. His condition looked hopeless as he had less than a quarter of a mile to run while Rohaan was close to the runway rail and still at least four lengths away. The leaders also gathered in close proximity after the entire square decided to move to the center.

When Moore asked Rohan to hurry up, the response was immediate, and most importantly, he was never stopped on his way to the line. Without thinking, Rohaan sped across a narrow gap between Mr. Wagyu and Popmaster, who would later become runner-up, and took the lead a few steps later. This was Moore’s 74th victory at Royal Ascot, leaving him four behind Frankie Dettori in the current riders list.

Moore then presented the tribute to Rohan and his coach David Evans. “I knew after two and a half years that he would be back in shape and win,” he said. “He felt like the horse of the past, thanks to David for putting him there.”

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Moore’s previous win over Broome in the second set was the Hardwicke Stakes in complete contrast, a race he took by the neck from the start and refused to give up. Broome had something to find disagreement with Hurricane Lane, the favourite, and with last year’s Irish derby winner making his first start since finishing third in the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe last October, Moore was determined to test it.

Broome was on track when they got home, and while Buick did his best to start the challenge in Hurricane Lane, they remained third in the final stages as he led Broome to a three-quarter defeat of their target. It was cut from 33-1 to about 12-1 the next month for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot.

Buick had been drawn to a winner by Moore earlier in the week when he took charge of the Jersey Stakes at Noble Truth, but was misplaced in Godolphin’s double win in the ┬ú1m platinum anniversary stakes, as he toppled the Naval Crown (33-1 ) with Creative Power (12-1). Ultimately, he finished the week with five winners, two behind Moore after a strong streak in the closing stages helped Stratum win the Queen Alexandra Stakes, the final race of the meeting, for the second year in a row.

Marine driver James Doyle drove a track along the same runway rail as Rohan won after 35 minutes and was happy and relieved to be on the board all week as time was running out.

James Doyle’s Naval Crown wins Platinum Jubilee Stakes. Photo: Hugh Routledge/Shutterstock

ÔÇťIt’s really hard when you go on your last day here [without a winner]Doyle said. “Charlie [Appleby] He said to me this morning, “Why are you so angry?” And I said, “I’m running out of bullets.” This guy who gets us out of prison is awesome.

“William said it’s time to pull my finger, he’s been teasing me all week so he calms things down a bit when you get one on the board.”

Broome’s manager Aidan O’Brien finished the week as a head manager for the 11th time in his career with five winners, one more than Appleby, the champion British manager still looking for his first manager award at the meeting.

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