2022 – Samsung’s market share reached its highest level in 5 years last month

Smartphone companies of all sizes are struggling to sell devices as their companies face what can only be described as the perfect storm – declining demand combined with serious supply chain issues.

But one of the leading brands is somehow taking off in these turbulent times, such as: Kontrapunktforschung revealed in its latest report on the global smartphone market.

Samsung smartphone sales rose 9% y/y in April, with the overall market seeing an 8% y/y decline and reaching the lowest level since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The impressive performance of the South Korean brand was driven by Through the popularity of Galaxy A series models in the mid- and high-end segments. Galaxy S22 line in the premium smartphone market.

Counterpoint Research notes that recent advertising campaigns have boosted demand for Samsung phones in key markets such as Latin America and India, surpassing it Xiaomi took first place last month.

Perhaps the biggest factor behind Samsung’s recent success, however, is the brand’s low presence in China. The world’s largest smartphone market has suffered hard in recent weeks due to domestic lockdowns related to the pandemic. These restrictions affected both demand and production. Samsung’s small footprint in China, from a sales and manufacturing perspective, has historically been seen as a weakness, but it has proven more robust in recent weeks.

Samsung records the highest market share since 2017

These factors combined enabled Samsung to capture a 24% share of the global smartphone market in April 2022. This is the third consecutive month that Samsung’s market share has increased, as well as the third consecutive month in 2022 as the No. 1 smartphone brand in the world. the scientist.

As if all that weren’t enough, last month’s market share marked a 5-year high for Samsung. The last time it had a larger share was in April 2017, when Galaxy smartphones made up 25% of global sales.

Looking ahead, Counterpoint Research expects Samsung to maintain its position as the world’s leading smartphone brand in the second quarter of 2022. New foldable devices were launched in the summer and are Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Part 4 should also maintain sales through the third quarter of the year.

Of course once The iPhone 14 series lands in September, and Samsung’s chances of becoming the number one brand will be limited. Apple usually outperforms its South Korean rival in the December quarter and there’s no reason to believe that won’t be the case this year.

Apple and Xiaomi have suffered sharp declines in recent months

Talking about The Apple brand captured 15% of the smartphone market in April. Although still impressive, this is a far cry from the numbers from late 2021 and marks the fourth consecutive month of bearish stocks. However, fans of the company should not worry too much. Similar declines are observed every year as the launch of the latest iPhone and next-generation models approaches. Despite the fact that Apple Notably, iPhone SE (2022) failed to increase its market share.

On the other hand, Xiaomi accounted for 12% of sales. This is fairly consistent – the company has been trading at a similar level since September 2021 – but it’s still lower than it was a year ago.

The company suffers more from supply chain problems than its peers, and if it can’t turn things around in the coming months, it probably won’t come close to the performance it did in 2021, let alone become the world’s number one brand again.