2022 – Samsung’s upcoming rugged smartphone and tablet gets new names and more details ahead of release

While most hardcore Samsung fans find it hard to think of anything other than that Galaxy Z Fold 4 and It is clear that the world’s largest smartphone maker is working on many other products as well.

Two of these devices are sure to make a stir among their small but incredibly loyal audience, and with their highly durable designs they will undoubtedly stand out from today’s “mainstream” phones and tablets.

Yes, it looks like the Galaxy XCover Pro 2 (or XCover 6 Pro) and Galaxy Tab Active Pro 2 Slate are coming relatively soon, and here’s everything we know about these next-gen rugged devices to know.

what’s in a name

No, we will not suddenly philosophize or start talking about the meaning and abstract interpretation of product names in the modern mobile industry. Instead, we’ll just report it Samsung is hesitating between marketing posters for the Galaxy XCover Pro 2 and Galaxy XCover 6 Pro for its upcoming chubby Android phone, which might not make much sense…unless you’re familiar with the somewhat complex history of this niche group.

That explains the large digital divide between the two potential names, and while the aforementioned Qualcomm SoC isn’t a screamer, we think the Pro suffix is ​​fully justified here. Compared to the non-Pro XCover 5, also known as the SM-G525, this SM-G736U phone currently in preparation is said to improve the number of RAM (4 to 6 GB) as well as the screen resolution.

Incidentally, the SM-G736U model number indicates a much stronger connection with the first generation XCover Pro, aka SM-G715, and also confirms a US version without a doubt (at least in an unlocked version).

The Galaxy XCover Pro 2 comes standard with 5G connectivity and an old-fashioned headphone jack, and it’s almost certainly Android 12 out of the box on the software side. Galaxy XCover Pro 2 may come with a much smaller screen than originally thought.

That at least depends on the impressive 450ppi density revealed by Google, which appears to come in at about 5.85 inches diagonally instead of 6.56 inches at a resolution of 2408 x 1080 pixels. Of course, these numbers are not accurate, but it is now unlikely that the XCover Pro 2 / XCover 6 Pro will offer more than 6 inches of screen real estate.

Regardless of the exact usable size, the panel is guaranteed to have fairly large bezels and an old waterdrop notch with two non-marking cameras on the back of the phone and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

What’s in a durable tablet?

Unfortunately, we can only guess what the Galaxy Tab Active Pro 2 has to offer as a reliable leak device Roland Quandt is only ready to confirm This device is a “thing”, without any other details that have not been disclosed or rumored by anyone else trusted at the moment.

Based on this name (which may or may not be definitive), we can assume that this mega man will be 10.1 inches tall after 2019 Tab Active Pro instead of the 2020 8-inch model Galaxy Tab Active 3.

Meanwhile, the complete lack of any other information indicates this Samsung’s upcoming Rugged Slate will release sometime after the next Rugged phone, although we’re sure enthusiastic fans of these types of devices will appreciate some sort of special event dedicated to announcing the two at the same time. We’ll see what happens of course, but if we were you we wouldn’t hold our breath and we’d be glad Samsung turned its attention back to this fairly broad product category.