2022 – shameful delays for Ukrainian refugees continue | Letters

We have similar experiences of Paul Hanlon and Rebecca Shepherd with regard to refugees from Ukraine (“That doesn’t make sense”: Ukrainian teenager left in limbo, May 29). We are sponsoring a 17-year-old from Kyiv whose parents cannot travel because he has to take care of his grandmother.

He speaks good English and his mother has given him written consent to travel and stay with us, but the Home Office is not processing his application. Local children’s offices also do not conduct any checks, as he is not eligible for a visa as an unaccompanied minor. We’ll get help from a lawyer, but protecting him and the others won’t be difficult. My partner is a judge and I have passed a number of criminal background checks over the years for my duties working with vulnerable people. One cannot help but think that this is all part of the anti-conservative environment.
David Hur
Lewis, East Sussex

Julia, 37, is a Ukrainian refugee from Odessa with a four-month-old daughter, both of whom are seeking asylum in Spain. Her husband serves in the Ukrainian Navy. Julia was given a warm welcome here in Wiltshire, but after five weeks of applying for visas, they have yet to be issued. Instead, the British government asked her child to take a biometrics test in Madrid, an eight-hour round trip, and she now has to wait until she is sent a paper visa.

Even our MEP does not have access to the information to support their hopes. Julia and her daughter do not deserve to be treated this way. The trial is very shameful and shows Britain in a very bad light.
Doric Possum
Peyton, Wiltshire

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