2022 – Someone stole a $2 million gold artifact from a New York church after tricking an “anti-theft” safe.

This photo, provided by the New York Police Department, shows the vandalized dwelling of St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, New York.

  • An unknown thief or thieves stole a gold artifact worth $2 million from a church in Brooklyn, New York.
  • The “irreplaceable” missing item was a solid gold tent built in 1895 and decorated with jewels.
  • Huge steel plates protecting the dwelling were cut and the heads of the nearby statues of angels were cut off.

Last week, a historic church in Brooklyn was vandalized with an “irreplaceable” solid gold artifact stolen inside. AP News reports.

Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church known as “Notre Dame” of Park Slope sometime between May 26 and 28, valued at about $2 million.

The New York Times reported that Father Frank Tomino, a Saint Augustine priest, discovered the theft on Saturday.

“Knowing that an intruder has entered the holiest place in our beautiful church and made great efforts to break into a security system is an outrageous act of disrespect,” Tomino said in a statement to the diocese.

The tent, a vessel built to store sacred handling materials, is said to have been protected by its “anti-theft” security system, which included an electronic safe and inch-thick steel plates. The steel plates were reportedly cut with a chainsaw.

Built in 1895, this artifact has been restored twice since then and is considered one of the most expensive campgrounds in the country, according to the Associated Press. The diocese said in a statement following the theft that the tent “cannot be replaced because of its historical and artistic value.”

The diocese said vandalism continued throughout the church – statues of nearby angels were beheaded and items from the stolen Tabernacle were thrown at the altar.

The photos show headless angel statues in the church.

CCTV footage was also stolen during the incident, which police suspect took place between Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon while the church was closed due to construction.

Police said an investigation was underway and it was not clear if one or more people were involved.

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