2022 – Stuart Broad says England need to attract fans with their style of play

Ben Stokes (left) will lead England for the first time since being appointed full-time Test Captain
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Base Bowler player Stuart Broad says England need to play style of cricket that attracts fans to watch Tests

None of the five days of the first test against New Zealand at Lords, which begins on Thursday, are sold out.

It will be the first test for England under new coach Brendon McCollum and captain Ben Stokes after just one win in 17 games.

“We have to stick with that commitment, we’re going to be fun and we want to get people through the gates,” Broad said.

“It’s not just the results, it’s the style of cricket you play. From the outside, it’s exciting to see Brendon McCollum and Ben Stokes get together.

“To get the fans to watch the team play, we need the style of cricket that people want to see.”

The cheapest first-day ticket for adults, albeit with limited visibility, is £45. The most expensive is 160 pounds. Tickets for children under 16 years old cost between £20 and £40.

On the fifth day, which is always the cheapest due to the lower chance of a full match day, tickets are £10 for children and £20 for adults.

The 35-year-old returned to the England squad after being excluded from the West Indies tour in March.

While longtime New Ball partner James Anderson said he was considering retiring after the omission, Broad insisted he’s not considering retiring from his international career.

“I am happy to be on this team. I was disappointed to lose a Test round but that is life,” said Broad, who has won 537 wickets in 152 Tests.

“I am future-oriented and am very happy to be here. I go in attacking style as hard as I can every week, leave my heart and soul on the field and retire. [being] As if I played zero-sum cricket.”

Broad and Anderson are on the list along with bowlers Craig Overton and Matty Potts.

All four can play if England decide to skip left blocker Jack Leach. If Leach is selected, Overton could get a nod for his super striking power, leaving two points open for Broad, Anderson and the pots exposed.